Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Joy to the world!

That's Joy with the toad! Joy is a delight! She talks non-stop and says very funny things! and after reading Jenny's blog about cuss words(did he say it with an accent?). I have to admit my own downfall and tell you a story about my delightful daughter Joy! Ok so a couple of years ago I was doing Joy's hair and just as I am getting her ponytail in, the rubber band breaks! and trying to tone down the language I say "oh, Poop!" and my sweet daughter turns around and tells me ,"no Mom! you are supposed to say Damn it! Poop is a potty word!" She was only two at the time! My whole family thought it was the funniest thing! and of course they all knew where she'd heard that!
Lance has a rule "you can say anything I say, but not anything that mom says."
So I'm not the "Mother of the Year"! DAMN IT!


onehm said...

I love it.
You are so real. Love reading your blog, Girl!

Brooke said...

That is too funny! I remember being worried that might be Cody's first words.

Lindsey said...

Believe me I know how that goes. I told Alan that not saying what I say should be a rule, I don't know if he will go for it though. My kids don't repeat them back to me though, just to my mom.

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