Friday, May 11, 2007

Last night!

So last night I went and got he cutest girly swimsuits for my girls at Gymboree!

I was pretty thrilled with myself. Lance had told me i couldn't buy new outfits for pictures but he said nothing about swimsuits! and they were 30% off!

Then We had kid pictures. All of the kids sat great for Matt! with the exception of Hope who was feeling shy! But by the end he got some of her happy and smiling but I think I liked the sad, pouty , shy one better! So hopefully he'll let me see them and give me a disk! they all wore the rainbow/striped outfits from our Easter picnic. Matchy matchy! but cute to have a grouping of them all in the same outfits!

then Last night after pictures we went to Home Depot and bought paint! White! I love white and it'll be a clean slate in case i want accent walls elsewhere. I know other people don't love white but i do and I live there and so I get to have what I want! it's not a creamy nasty white it's ultra white! Bright! clean! airy! We'll see.

After Home depot lance finished priming the new texture and the shelves downstairs. and He took the kids home to our house . While I caught the end of the pampered chef party, just in time to go out afterward! we went to chili's ! We stayed inside as long as we could then we stood in the parking lot and chatted until 2am. actually 2:30. then we went home! It is always so fun to hang out and talk about everything with these girls! Interesting topics of conversation too!
Always super fun though!


Lindsey said...

Love the bathing suit!!! And the Eater outfits are so cute can't wait to see the picture. Sounds like Lance is really in gear to get into that house. I can't believe how soon you are moving. Glad you got a night out

Brooke said...

getting kids pictures taken is always so stressful to me. i bet they looked so cute all matching. how do you recover after all those late nights?

ZB said...

Darling suits. I can't believe that you can do those late nights. You must have more energy than me. I'm so boring, in bed by 9:30.

Yah, Paint gets me totally excited.

onehm said...

I don't know how you function staying up that late!! Love the suits and the fun paint!

Crazymamaof6 said...

I Nap! whenever i get the chance.

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