Tuesday, September 9, 2008

new pets, mega beasts, and half a$$ed home schooling.

read to the end, or you'll miss out on the entertaining parts. and just catch the blitching.

So ....

so far today i have no energy and am a cranky beast.

i have a lucky family. let me tell ya! {{ extreme sarcasm}}

i got some awesome good mail yesterday (yesterday was a great day,today not so much) . i'll post pictures later. (tomorrow)

and tonight i get to go to curriculum night. yay me. (again! said with sarcasm)

gosh i feel like such a mega beast.

in general, not for any particular reason. but come along with me while i analyze what might have brought this on, along with rationalizing it away.

you are excited i know! aren't you glad you came by today? i know! LUCKY!


confession? i haven't been taking my prozac. can you tell?

oh yeah somehow the refill hits on the wrong pay schedule. and somehow i haven't had them for a couple weeks. thus the beasty attitude. and the lack of gumption, and extreme lack of tolerance for anything else.

and the heat. i blame the crankiness on the HEAT! it's fricking HOT! STEAMY! sadly i looked up the current temp./ and it's only 99. there goes my argument that it's the heat. so yeah I'm just going to have to admit, i am a beast. it's rad huh? BIOTCH.

be glad you don't live with me.

I'm tired, and cranky. and ya know...bitchy.

and not looking too hot either, since i have been out of lipstick for a couple weeks now. which is FRANKLY APPALLING. and i could afford some. i just haven't been to the mall to purchase any.

for a person that hung out at the mall on a daily basis with my first 3 kids, i sure have an aversion to going to the mall now. for any reason. even for a sale. and even IF I REALLY NEED TO GO. it's sad.

what is wrong with me? seriously this isn't me. i haven't been me for a few years. pathetic. occasionally there are glimpses of the real me. if i have been taking my medication faithfully, every pill, and IF I'm not too hot or too poor. which is always rare, since i live in AZ, and money? HA what is that? it's always so scarce since we have 6 kids, and starter pay. it's rad. let me tell you.

in other not depressing news,

my girls brought home some new pets. Tomato horn worms. glorious pets that they are. Ours are still alive and kicking. they brought them home on Sunday from aunt Jane's house.

Hope was super excited about them today. telling me about how they walk. "their feet are sticky, and they have little legs, I can see them on the bottom of the cage, THEY ARE INCREDIBLE!" big word. funny girl.

I'll call it our science project since the kids are under the impression that Hope is "home schooled". our curriculum? lots of Noggin, and a few pests we call pets. oh and unlimited preschool games on the computer. i should make a real effort for it(home schooling). but alas. i figure she had real preschool last year. and next year she gets to go to kindergarten. she'll only be young once right? right! This one year of half assed home school won't hurt her. is it horrid, i call it half A$$ED home schooling? when there is really no schooling involved at all. i should call it passive parenting. that is more like it. lazy learning? whatever it is. that is what we are doing.

so are you feeling enlightened? poor lance got to listen to me list all of this to him just now. he knows now what I've got stacked against me. when i mentioned the lipstick thing? he guffawed. it was near cackle worthy.

the mall issue was surprising even to him. especially since he knows the real extent of that addiction to hanging out at the mall. he is also well aware of the financial burden that caused. RIDICULOUS! he's not sad i don't go to the mall anymore. at all. even if it means i don't wear my signature color of lipstick for almost 2 weeks. like he cares about lipstick anyway. he's one of those guys that doesn't notice makeup at all. and less is more according to him. but i feel better if i am wearing it. for that alone. he said. GO GET SOME! and told me to go take a nap too. yay me.

i have a fabulous sweet husband.

hmm, tough choice! which is more important? lipstick? or a nap? i only have time for one before curriculum night.

edit** OK and now i know my lipstick is Clinique "pink Chocolate" and clinique is offering bonus time September 12 -28 at Dillards! yay! i'll buy 2 or more and get the gift with purchase. WHOOHOO! i am going to go nap now . have a fab day! **

oh and i picked up my prescriptions this afternoon. it may take two weeks to get back into the groove but you'll have to let me know if you notice a difference.

oh and extra fab? i invited myself to my little sister's delivery. hopefully this week. she'll have her 5th and last baby. and she is my last chance to see a baby delivered. i know! it's coming to the end of baby having on both sides of the family. so i invited myself. rad huh? she said i could before but i was usually keeping her kids. so this time. i invited myself early so i can totally plan on it. for some reason i want to go and be there. is that odd? perhaps. have you ever been to someone elses childbirth? who?

well, i'll catch ya later.

Oh and click on the blinky for the giveaway. it's the speedy way to get there. to enter. don't miss out. you have until Friday at midnight to enter.

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SuperCoolMom said...

I wonder how many people they will let in there? We could have a party!

tammy said...

Lipstick is important! Make-up and anything that makes us feel good about ourselves is important, even prescriptions. I'm not so crazy about the mall either, and you know me and shopping! But I'm not a shopper that likes to pay full price or pay for overpriced items. Once it a great while you can find me at the mall, but then it's in and out.

Have a good nap! Yay for Clinique bonus time!

Andrea said...

FUN seeing you at lunch today! I'm glad you came even if you were late. Better late than never, right?! Lipstick is a must! or at least a gloss! YAAY for the bonus sale coming up!!

See you again tonight at parent/teacher night!!

BTW - I've never been in a delivery room except for my own! Wouldn't want to. Eeeewwww! hahahaa

Are You Serious! said...

♥ A nap sounds good about now! I've never been at anyones birth. I was at a friends just right right after but other than that nope. And that was just because I was bringing her some supplies that she needed because she had an at home birth...

bob marley & lucy liu said...

I'm jealous you have a lipstick that works for you. I've tried every color known to woman and none of them work for me. And I need it!

I was at the childbirth of a friend in Virginia. It was AMAZING! I totally get why some ppl pass out...it's not from gross-ness, it's from the incredible rush of energy going on. It's a wondrous experience!

I wouldn't stress about home schooling. Just say you're doing "unschooling" which is actually really popular right now :o)

Melissa said...

Lazy learning? Ok, now that's funny!

lindsey said...

meds are super important, sucks that you have to refill on a nonpayday.

you are nice about the extra animals, there is no way those would be allowed here ;)

Lainie said...

I was at a friend's delivery and it was so awesome! I had only c-sections so it was great to see how the "real women" do it! Babies are wonderful - especially when they are nieces and nephews!! I hope everything goes well!

Suzanne said...

I am glad my kids aren't the only ones who bring home icky "pets".

I wish I knew where you lived, I would bring you a nice cold Dr. Pepper, that always makes me feel better.
I hope you got your nap and enjoyed it!!!!

onehm said...

WHOA lady, I have been needing to call you...but I was glad to see you in person today at PIE night! the good times at the elementary school never end! :)

YAY for lipstick AND a nap! You DO have a good hubby. I'm so proud of you for recognizing it!

We need to do a lunch one of these days. Good pizza always makes a girl happy...let's plan it!!

goingsome said...

Oh girl, how I can soooo relate. I hear ya screamin'. LOL, You go girl.

Becky said...

Loving this entry! And thanks so much for the giveaway entry--it looks and reads fabulous. I really appreciate your help.

michelle said...

I vote for the nap, and lipstick! I get cranky when I run out of my favorite lipgloss. Half the time Sarah has managed to take it to school with her! uggh! :)

I did attend a birth, of one of my really good friends, babies. It was such a wonderful experience.

Piper said...

Poor thing! I know how life can be "off meds" no fun, and hard for others to understand. Hang in there!
I've been to a friend's birth. She is Navajo. I was one of 2 white people in there. It was crowded!! The WHOLE family was in there, with multiple cameras going!
She didn't use any drugs! I was HORRIFIED! When they asked if I wanted a mirror to watch myself give birth, I said 'Hell no!"

Tanja said...

I hope your day gets better, naps always do the trick! Then, go out and get your lipstick...you'll feel better. Gotta love reatil therapy!

Lisa said...

You are a Crazy Mama! Passive parenting!! LOL Where was Aunt Jane when your kids came home with worms?? I bet she helped them find them :0

Laura said...

Oh my. I am sorry you are and have been feeling so bad. It can only go up from here right.

I hope when you get your meds you feel better :) ((HUGS))

Laura said...

Oh I have never been actually inside someone elses delivery. I never wanted ANYONE in mine by my mom and husband. NOT ANYONE EVER! I am a c-section gal now so that won't happen anyway.

Vidal's Nest said...

If I'd known you were out of prozac, I'd have given you some. I have some left and I am on something different.
I too feel like I don't recongnize who I am.It makes me sad.Do 6 kids do this to YOU?
I am out of my Estee Lauder cover up and can't afford it either and it is the only kind that covers my pregnancy mask..you know from giving birth 15 months ago? Ugh!
Hope you feel better soon!
If you want to come over anytime and hang out instead of Barros, let me know!

Cara said...

when you go to dillards call me and I'll go with you. I could use something new. Also I'm with you on meds. they are a pain to take and a pain when not taken - lame

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