Wednesday, November 26, 2008

need black friday listings?best deal on a DS? wanna hear about my adventure today. and some holiday shopping reflections from me.

need listings?

or here are a couple more websites with listings.

i mentioned Buying Nintendo DS game systems. WELL

i found a bargain for anyone hunting for the best day. AMAZON has this listing for the same boxed set that both target and walmart are advertising. Walmart has the best deal listed for in store on Friday, at $136. and yet.AMAZON has it listed $134.99 here no crowds and no taxes. RAD!

they had the red Super Mario bundle or the ice blue brain age bundle.

this is the best deal of the day on that set.


i cant' wait for black Friday . it promises to be a super fun time with fave friends.

and the cleaning is coming along. Lance and I have different ideas of priorities. and sometimes when we have a deadline we clash. it's one of those weeks.

good times. but it's coming along.


i had an adventure today . and locked myself out of the Car. it was awesome. i had one poopy kid with me. he crapped in his diaper. and i was changing him on my lap in the front seat of the car.

i got done and was chatting on the phone when someone wanted to park in the space next to me.

i got up to let them park. and put Pierce in his seat. and closed the door. tada! locked out with no keys and no purse. luckily i was on my phone. or i would ahve been really screwed. and at least pierce wasn't locked in the car too.


and these are some other random christmas shopping thoughts.

i did get started on my Christmas shopping.

and i have to say there are moments when i realize how much harder it is to have 6 kids.

finding 6 pairs of Pajama's in the right sizes and matching each other and properly coordinating for instance.

it's way harder than finding Pajama's for 2.

and shopping for 6. holy crap just trying to keep everything even so no one feels like they got the shaft.

and when you'd normally think hey that gift set is cute for $5. then you realize if you got one for $5 you have to get 2 more so no one fought over that piece of crap . and it's so not worth $15 bucks for 3 of those gift sets. imagine the exponential growth of clutter involved with a gift like that? YEAH and then you quickly decide , "nope it's crap. we don't need that at our house."

and most things fit in that category.

and so what do you get for 6 kids that isn't crap and clutter causing? and you have a room full of toys no one plays with already?Hmm. what to do?

the answer?


and outside play equipment.

yes that is an excellent idea.

it will be a veritable smorgasbord of fun out back.

we already have a swing set/play house, wheel of death (merry go round) and airplane teeter totter.

what's missing? a trampoline!

what could be more perfect for an AZ winter? NOTHING!

it's the best time of year for a trampoline!

like i said smorgasbord of fun.

cleaning is coming right along. and i wonder why i'm flipping cooking dinner tonight instead of getting take out. retarded.

we can see the floor in the vortex. every toy that isn't particularly special is bagged and going in the attic. it was that or donate them the kids bagged them and preferred hoarding them. easier than sorting in a crunch.

bedrooms are being cleaned. laundry washed. and we have grand plans for a wii multiplayer.

i'm baking pies tonight, and mopping.

tommorrow i'm hitting Kmart bright and shiny early. WHOOHOO!

fave day of the year! YAY!

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Jen said...

I am still LOL about the car, glad I was on the phone with you to help you out in that way. And sorry about the comparison of my 2 to your 6 in the pj department. But hey those were cute pj's you got. See you tomorrow bright and early I am leaving to scope out Kmart right now!

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

So on Black Friday do you wear football or hockey pads?

I find hockey pads give better protection but football pads are more intimidating. With good intimidation you don't need the pads so much, ya know? :)

Becky said...

I heard having a trampoline causes your home owners insurance to go way up--better check into that.

Oh, and here's a great deal for you: Sonic has .25 cent corn dogs and small fries all weekend. You can get up to 10 items at this price! My parents happened on this deal on their way out of town. They went to the Gilbert/Guadalupe one, but it may be at others too.

Jenifer said...

I couldn't imagine shopping for six! Holy cow. I know what you mean about those gift sets. I need to buy two of everything, double the crap! Good luck tomorrow and friday!

tammy said...

I love Amazon. I buy almost everything from them for Christmas. Their prices are almost always within a few pennies of Walmart (at least the things I need), and then there's that free shipping, so I don't have to go anywhere or stand in any lines. And I start early, like Sept. or Oct. so I can preorder new releases at a really low price. They've even beat Costco at times.

I almost bought a tramp this year. Luvpilot talked me out of it since my family had three broken bones, and two sprained ankles just from jumping, not even falling off. But I still want to get one.


I gave up on Matching the big one to all the little ones in the PJ arena. He will coordinate. Best I could do. I agree with all the crap and rooms full of not so fun stuff anymore.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Shopping:)

Cecilia said...

You've been a busy girl as always!!! I'm glad you had your phone with you when the keys got locked inside!!!!

Happy cleaning...Happy baking....and Happy Turkey Day Tomorrow!!!

Melissa said...

You read my mind about announcing where the good DS deal was (I tried to email you yesterday to ask, but it didn't work for some reason), but when I tried your links I can't get it to show that price. Am I just too late?

Crazymamaof6 said...

i don't know why it isn't working now. the sale price is in effect Nov.28th. and it worked this morning over and over. i don't know why it's missing now. keep checking and i'll let ya know if i see anything too.

Andrea said...

Sorry to hear about getting locked out of your car. Luckily you have great friends to help you out!

btw - Ben got Sonic the other night and came home with a flyer for the 25 cent corndog offer at the Lindsay/McKellips one. Must be at all of them.

Thanks for letting me join you for the Black Friday FUN! Can't wait.

Oh and I totally understand you can't buy just ONE great deal for a kid, it's gotta be all the girls or all the boys or ALL the kids so NO ONE gripes! WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!

Have fun at Kmart!


Mother Goose said...

we did a clothing ditch yesterday. it is ready for donation! sorry about the frustration of being locked out!!! HATE that, I have stories.!I hear ya on the junk and clutter. I don't know what I did to my two youngest but they are soooo not into toys! what?? they are 8 and 10!! I won't be entering TOYS R US this year!!!WOOHOOO!!!!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ I love Black Friday!!! :)

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