Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Facebook status style

It's Friday!

how about i post some of the actual FB status' that I posted this week...

you can scroll all the way to the bottom and start from monday on. and finish up here at Friday, or you can go backwards whatever you want.

Pierce was in rare form this week and my profile pic changed at least 3 times.

i'll add them in for your viewing pleasure too.

some of you have seen them and some might have missed a few in your abundance of friends. and sometimes, my status' dominate people's pages and to them i say,"get some more friends"


Well Hel-lo Friday! You snuck up on me once again, Let's make it a fabulous day!



Crazymamaof 6 says there is something special about drinking water shot into your mouth from a water gun, lucky me, my 3 year old shares with his mama.

from my comments-( seriously i worried it was toilet water. but he insisted. and wasn't taking no for an answer. he's such a guy.)

Crazymamaof6 is sporting her tiara today.

there was some debate as to what i was the queen of, or why i was wearing it and my explanations were - i was going to say i'm the black queen, the Queen of the sparkles today. but Jodi is right, i am the queen of everything. today it was going to be laundry. very glam indeed.

i confess i used to wear one every time i did something fabulous that no one would notice. when the hubs would come home and see my tiara on he'd know to ask me what fabulous thing i did. i also wore one when i did hard things , like packing up my house to move away from my family or delivered a couple kids naturally.

WEDNESDAY- another up and down mostly down day.

Crazymamaof6 said -why yes, you MAY call me the pot stirrer or the conversation nazi.

i may have stirred the pot in one of my bunko groups. i might regret it, and yet i may have been eye opening as well. just another reason to wear my tiara- feel free to add Drama queen to those other titles !

Crazymamaof6 said-Yeah that just happened- 3 yr. Old came up and smacked my rear. "i just hit your butt boobs Mom!" to which i have to now wonder...when he tells me he likes my boobs if he's talking about my rack or my booty?

i kept telling him they were my butt cheeks but he was having none of that. he recently confused the word barfed with the word burped. every time he burped he'd tell me he barfed, i thought he was sick for days. turns out he's just mastered the fine art of burping on command.

Crazymamaof6 suffers from seasonal bitchiness disorder. aka S.B.D.- onset happens near the end of the school year as soon as the heat hits. consider yourself warned.

i spaced there was another acronym that uses SBD-silent but deadly. the seasonal bitchiness disorder. aka S.B.D.version isn't silent since it often involves prolonged yelling of obscenities.

Crazymamaof6 announced mom's taxi leaving now...destination scouts, then SONIC for a little afternoon rendezvous with my tall dark and handsome DR. bow chicka bow bow. ;)

Crazymamaof6 is going into my Biology final with a 91% - it could go either way. better stay a freakin' A.

I'd fretted all morning about my grade in biology being so close to a B. and for a little bit WAS a B without some stuff i'd forgotten to turn in , i took care of it, and she adjusted it. now to keep it an A. that will be the trick. i'm a little stressed about it.

Cinco de mayo AND the last lecture and lab of the semester? Hello Let's have a fiesta.

Tuesday- from the end to the beginning- was better than monday.

Makes unwise choices. At least she can admit it.

apparently double bunko in one week and assorted lunch dates and shopping in the last few weeks and asking for a mothers day card were a little over the top. i got in trouble from the hubs.

is having a fabulous and productive day. it really is Terrific Tuesday.

a bit of an overstatement but still...way better than monday.

Dislikes being on display. Don't make me sit at the high top table to eat lunch and don't just stand there and watch me dance. (Typed from the high top table out to lunch with her little devil.)

Pierce and I went to Costa Vida for lunch together. he likes to be on display and sit at the high table even after we've sat down elsewhere and started eating. sigh.

Thought it was the cutest preschool program ever

it seriously was, i should post pictures and video.

Is done with her teacher appreciation gifts! Thank a teacher it's teacher appreciation day! (pretty sure i spelled appreciation wrong)

I dropped Pierce off at school then picked up my teacher appreciation gifts. then went back to his preschool deal.

gets to go to the preschool mother's day Tea party today with her sidekick. AWESOME!

Love it. his teacher is the CUTEST

Serves frozen novelties for breakfast. Ice cream sandwich? Fudge bars? It's terrific tuesday, why the hell not?

they asked, and if you say yes to one it's yes to everyone. everyone got out of bed happily that day.

Monday was a bumpy road- mostly downhill and rocky terrain-

loves that every night her 3 year old needs his mohawk styled.

we styled Pierce's and then mine, took pics and made profile pics. we are AWESOME!

had a fabulous dinner and a FUDGE Bar for dessert! suns game is blaring in the background and soon the hoodlums will go to bed. WHEW! I'm determined tomorrow is going to be an awesome day.

Should probably get back to reality now after hiding out in her room alone all afternoon.

i came down after i'd napped and finished my book. the hubs had started dinner, i hit the store for ingredients and then finished it up. refreshed and AHHHHH, much better.

Loves that when she says NO to her kids they just go ask Dad. And he always says yes. Being the mean parent rocks.

i overheard this during my nap/quiet time. Joy would ask me, and if i said no she'd go to dad. i nipped that one in the bud.

Giving up and calling a do over-

knows it's not a good day when compliments on her dress, shopping and pizza can't make it a heck of a lot brighter. time for a dose of happy pills and a nap, i'm calling a DO OVER!

Losing the battle with monday-FUUUUUUUUUU...dge! might have used up her F-word allotment for the day already. mentally and verbally. it's awesome.

Monday frantically grasping for a good day- Needs to turn today around. Will it be shopping or a lunch date? Anyone up for it?

Monday right after her last exam- Just effed up her biology grade. Today sucks.

i ended up with an 83% on it.

middle of the night sunday- recently subscribed to her own brand of hotness. previous subscribers could be found at Quicktrip.

this week has been a bumpy road for me. sheesh. down then up. then down, then up. down down down. and today it's all uphill from here.

i have bunko tonight. can't wait to see my ladies. I'm hoping for a wild night of fun and laughter. after this week , you KNOW i need it.


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Daisygirl said...

My favorite is the tiara and the boob butt one!!!
Hope you have a fabulous weekend! Friday did come fast this week! School is almost out ya know...I think that is the reason!

Cara said...

this is a FAB idea! I love the FB post and then the explanation! Sometimes I'm confused about what people say on FB so this was awesome!!!! Hope you have a fun friday! I'm going to be cleaning - GAG

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