Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday quickie

If you live in AZ in June, if it's partly cloudy and only 92 degrees you think it's "cool" . Cool enough ,that i'm considering cleaning out my Mom bus. since i haven't gotten around to it previously and it's chock full of stuff that needs cleared out.


I saw Pierce ricochet off the seat at the movies today. way down at the other end, of the row ahead of me, he was climbing across all the seats, bouncing against them.

he bounced too hard, and wham, onto the floor.

freaking hilarious.

he didn't cry or even bother to tell me it happened. he sat there stunned for a minute, but recovered and came on down the row a minute later.

if i wouldn't have been watching his antics, i would never have known.

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tammy said...

I am liking how it's cooled off a little. Especially since my sister in UT just turned on her heat again because she was cold. I love AZ.

Anonymous said...

Sitting here in 70-degree weather with a cool ocean breeze at my San Diego home, it’s moments like these that reinforce my standard no-brainer response to when asked why I don’t move to the surface of the Sun—I mean, Arizona—where I can actually afford mortgage payments: I can afford mortgage payments in hell, too. Doesn’t mean I want to live there.

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