Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas confessional

Christmas confessional...forgive me blogger for I have sinned, it's been 6 days since my last confession.

I haven't posted one picture from Christmas day. or one funny antidote from my little devil.

(he is still singing jingle bells and expecting Santa to come every night, his version of Santa Baby is absolutely darling, and his description of his Christmas gifts is super cute) and he takes a mean self pic myspace style

neither have I posted about this years Christmas eve Pj drama. thwarting my usual standards of coordinating OCD tendencies

Christmas eve cocoa, or the Christmas brunch and rush to get it all done, to be everywhere and do everything. (all while feeling super grody and drowning in my own snot)

I haven't posted about surviving and conquering this holiday season. (barely getting any of it done)

or more accurately wishing it away with no desire to recall details of my feelings of inadequacy and illness.

I will say I'm glad...

- it's over .

- that this break has been low key. minimal playdates. lots of rest. (trying to recover). quiet days and early bedtimes.

-i'm thrilled that i finally called in for antibiotics for what has turned into yet another sinus infection. and that when i went for my 28 week ob appointment yesterday, somehow i lost weight this month. Whoohoo!

- Liberty has documented all of our activities for the last few days on her new camera. ( ready, if and when i want to post pics or document the fun)

I'm tempted to wish away the rest of the break dying to hear what this job offer entails and yet not wanting to wish away the low key family time, or rush back to school and early mornings again.

it's a fine line.

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Mamarazzi said...

oh i would LOVE to see the pics she has been taking, i bet they are super rad!!

i didn't take a single pic of Christmas...yep, i sucketh!

speaking of need to link up on Friday, i know you have some good ones...right? i mean you kill me with your humor, share!

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