Friday, July 29, 2011

shorty shorts and reality bites

so, we meet again.

I can't believe it's Friday already!


only one more Friday (after today) until school starts. YIKES.

I confess....I'm super glad I have Patriot to keep me company or I'd be freaking out in about a week and a half. Pierce is going to kindergarten and I'd be lonely.

i confess...I'm looking forward to my house staying clean for more than 2 hours. (if that).

I confess ...I totally lost it the other day during chore time. no one was doing what i asked and passing the buck. THEN i grounded everyone from the computer and sent them upstairs and cleaned it all by myself.

sure they didn't have to do JACK which is what they wanted but they also lost computer privileges which is WORSE THAN DEATH for my kids.

i confess.... i was SUPER PEEVED the next day when it looked like NOTHING HAD BEEN DONE FOR DAYS! when it was seriously company ready the day before.

I confess....that last confession is why i often think WHY FREAKING BOTHER!?! it's a losing battle.

I confess....I am super bummed. we had planned on going to San Francisco next week. i was going to meet MAMARAZZI in REAL LIFE!

i was stoked, she was stoked, the kids were stoked. and WHAM! real life hits me upside the head and killed the plans.

why you say? well the A/C went out on the suburban.

since I live in AZ and A/C isn't just a luxury but a necessity we HAVE to fix it.

as it is I've been cruising around town with the windows down and sweating like a hog. (i know, hogs don't sweat, the hubs tells me that every time i say that phrase.)

anyway. i hate reality sometimes. our budget said we could go on vacation OR fix the car but NOT BOTH. thus no vacation. and the car will be fixed today. (i hope).

I have to say the kids have taken it (no A/C) remarkably well.

They think it's awesome to hang their heads out the window like DOGS, and wave at other drivers, and yell things out the window like "I LIKE PIE!"

I confess....i find their behavior somewhat embarrassing.

(they are counting how many people wave back)

I confess...when i was in high school, lots of us didn't have A/C in our cars. (which is why i believe it is a necessity now as an adult). it was just as hot back then, but kids drove beater cars and A/C wasn't part of that package.

anyway, back in the day, friends and I would drive around and do the HONK and WAVE!

meaning the driver would honk and I'd wave.

So, it's no surprise where my kids get this behavior. but I'm fully a "do as I say, not as i do" person.

speaking of riding in the car....Sunday, we piled in the suburban and were headed to my mother in laws house for a birthday celebration for Uncle Tony.

before we left i looked back and looked at the kids. and noticed liberty had this big shirt on, she often wears it with her shorty shorts. and unless she has it tied up in a knot you can't see her shorts. and SOMETIMES she wears this shirt around the house with no shorts. just long like a night shirt.

So i looked back, and asked her...DO YOU HAVE SHORTS ON?


she got in the car and forgot to put some on. awesome.

that's what nightmares are made of.

she said it was just like the going to school without pants on nightmare.

I'm just glad i noticed before we left the driveway.

ok so one last confessional? someone posted on facebook a " G free" update. meaning gluten free. i confess, when i saw G i thought G spot. true story. It took me a minute to figure out what the post was really about.

and that's it for Friday confessional.


what are you confessing?

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Jolene said...

Oh, I can relate to the housework. I feel your burden!

VandyJ said...

I firmly feel most household chores are a losing battle. I ALWAYS find more dishes after I have just finished. It's like they multiply when my back is turned.
And we won't go into the state of the living room after my boys are let loose in there.

Jen said...

At least she wasn't leaving the house that way on teenager puts on waytomuch make up and then tries to not look at me until we are 10 minutes away...when I finally look over and am disqusted that my 13 year old looks like she belongs on a stipper pole...she does the shrug...sorry I don't know she did it on when I hand her the wet ones from the glove box...I shrug..and say No I had no idea it was going to happen in the first place! :)

Sarita said...

A lady just died here in the Carolinas who had no AC so you are brave! Sorry you had to endure that! Hopped over from Mamarazzi's Friday hop

Jen said...

Bummer about no vacay! Maybe we should sneak in a playdate to make up for it?!

LOL about the Honk and Wave, I remember doing stupid stuff like that too, in fact I do believe I was with you when doing some of that stuff when you would give me rides home after school ;)!

Date Girl said...

OUCH! No ac in Arizona? I would freak. We found out our Subaru has no ac the hard way last summer driving through Sacramento. It was only 95, but still. It was freaking hot! Cars are what, 20 degrees hotter than outside too right? At least they feel that way.

Sorry your kiddos weren't being helpful. Hopefully they shape up!

I used to wear long shirts and no shorts too. I think back and just cringe!

tammy said...

Connor yells "I like pie" out the window all the time. What show did they get that from?

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