Sunday, March 25, 2007

Confessions of the "church ditchers!"

Ok so yesterday I had every intention to get to church on time. We had a plan for the family to stay at Primary, while I took the baby with me to the blessing. I bought the boys new church pants because it's Easter soon and I didn't feel like searching for the old ones. My secret trick to getting ready for Sunday is to buy new every Saturday night. Horrible I know. Like church socks , I used to go buy new ones every week, somehow they get lost in the vortex. and hair bows? I stay up until all hours of the night making new ones. so yeah I was planning ahead last night, getting the necessary items. Then this morning I woke up with hugest sinus infection I have ever had. the whole side of my face ached and the pressure! it was agonizing. I think all the crud in my head drained to one side of my face while i was sleeping,i don't think I switched sides much. I showered hoping some of the crud in my head would drain, but no luck there. Anyway, needless to say, we ditched church! I barely bent over and it felt like my head would pop off. Hope had a snotty nose so she couldn't go to nursery. So really Lance should have gotten it together and taken the big kids to Primary, but he's had the same sinus stuff all week.I think it isn't as bad as mine but who really knows.

Anyway, I missed the blessing too because I didn't want to be sick ( coughing, runny nose,sinus headache ) around a newborn. Just in case I was contagious.

I have showered 3 times now, hoping the hot steam would help ,it hasn't done much but I can try right? and i napped on the other side during my nap hoping the stuff would drain back to the front and out but it didn't yet. so yeah, I know you didn't want to know the details of my sinus infection but there it is. I'd love to take a sudafed, how I wish I could, I'll just have to suffer and hope the Mucinex does something. this is one of those times that reminds me I hate thyroid cancer.

Something funny though... I got a letter yesterday inviting me to walk in the "survivor lap" at the Relay for Life, in mesa! Hilarious. that is soooooo not gonna happen.

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