Thursday, March 22, 2007

Crappy day!

Ok so the family hasn't been feeling so hot today.
Paxton "sharted" as they were leaving for school so he scored a day off. And Liberty has been not feeling great for a couple days but i made her go to school anyway for the last two days. she's kind of wimpy so i figured she was faking. i guess she wasn't. I woke up today with the hugest sinus headache, so i decided to cut her some slack and let Liberty stay home too. But not before i stressed to her the fact that we are not doing anything fun and they better not cause conflicts with the kids that have to be here every day(Joy,Hope and Pierce) So with sick people in the house, I cancelled the maid for today. :( Uggghhh, i want to crawl under a rock and die i feel so crappy, but being the Mom , i get to take care of everyone else. I know you are thinking take something, take a pill ,you'll feel better, but i can't. Thyroid patients can't take any cold remedies. Yeah, it's lame! They failed to inform me of that before i had the whole thyroid removed. Not that keeping it was much of an option but still, something they should tell you. It is excellent! So sorry this isn't really fun and exciting but i thought it's better to update than leave nothing new to look at. Now I'm gonna go lay down and make the kids watch TV in my room while i try to get rid of this headache. Hope your day goes better than mine!


Lindsey said...

Awesome. I feel for you with the sinus stuff. I hope today is better.

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