Friday, April 6, 2007

Funny stuff Joy told me this week!

Joy says some funny things I have no idea where she gets half of her vocabulary! but it always makes me smile! it's really hard not to laugh out loud.

  • Yesterday riding in the car..."Oh,mom look! A lone china man!" it was a Hispanic landscaper.
  • "Mom, my bath awaits!" she wanted me to get off the computer to give her a bath.
  • talking about a boy in her preschool"He, was COMPLETELY bugging me!"
  • "He is sooooo annoying!"
  • "Actually....." she uses actually often and in the right context, but it kills me every time.
  • "isn't this FABULOUS?!"
  • "Oh mom that is soooo lovely!" looking at the shabby chic website
she has some funny ones but that was just this week. I'm sure this will become a regular post!


onehm said...

Kids say the greatest stuff!

Lindsey said...

I love the way Joy says my name. She is so cute!!!

Brooke said...

The one about the China man cracked me up! I love the cute things kids say.

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