Monday, April 9, 2007

Really horrified!

I'm am really horrified at my reality sometimes. I just called the ear nose and throat specialist's office to schedule appointments and holy cow. I scheduled Pierce and Peyton together and the next day Joy and Hope. all for checking their tubes or getting tubes or fixing the ear after tubes. and then I cancelled my appointment with the DR. because I am not going to her for this surgery. It's all the same DR. the girl was pretty horrified about making all the appointments but as I was on the phone I realized I should probably have the other two kids Liberty and Paxton checked there too because they have have tubes too and it's been a while. I guess I'll wait on those two until they complain or have a real problem. and then I was scheduling Dentist appointments two at a time. Yikes! it is really insane sometimes. I don't normally realize the magnitude of 6 kids until i schedule check ups or dentist appointments . and then I think Holy Cow! how did this happen?
food for thought... My kids have had ear tubes 9 times not including the baby, but I just made his appointment, tonsils two times , adenoids 3three. some were combo appointments. Liberty and Paxton had tubes/tonsil/adenoids. They have all had tubes twice except Hope who had them once and Pierce is getting his first set soon. 2 kids are medicated for ADHD . Joy needs to be checked, she totally is ADHD but she is too young to diagnose yet.
I am really overwhelmed lately! Maria suggested I go back on my antidepressants because I am
so easily overwhelmed. I'm thinking it is a good idea.


Brooke said...

I thought I was busy, how do you do it all and still have your kids always looking so cute.

Lindsey said...

You are awesome at it though!!! None of your kids have been injured and they always look fabulous. You are the only one I know who can handle 6 kiddies. Plus they love you tons.

About the meds, I know how you feel. I went off mine and somedays I feel great and other I really regret it. But I have been doing that therapy once a week and it helps just to talk, plus I get worked on while I am talking. To help my back and shoulder cause I have a lot of stress and tension in them.

onehm said...

Yes, I have to agree with lindsey, a massage does wonders! It is my biggest personal indulgence, and let me tell doesn't happen enough!
Girl, you are the ONLY one I know who could do it. You are amazing, and I am impressed every day! Way to go!

ZB said...

I haven't seen you in FOREVER and even I know that you are the only one that can do it. And NO I'm not on my way to 6 kids in 10 years. I'd need to read your "how to" book in order to do that. keep up the good work!!!One day at a time.

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