Monday, September 8, 2008

manic Monday. weekend rundown, assorted updates.

Hey! i'm here, alive, and posting about the giveaway starting today.

i have 53 posts in my reader.
since i hadn't been online all weekend.

i read 2 "novels" this weekend.

and Lance has me committed to reading "Ender's Game" next.

let's see. weekend rundown.


-night we got to go out alone. yay!

picking up chinese food.

Peyton babysat. the 3 middle kids were gone to my mom's to sleep over so after the little kids were in bed and asleep.Peyton got to stay up late and be in charge(of himself) . just a half hour for the first time. he did great. we are breaking him in. on answering the phone. locking the doors. safety rules and whatnot. he was slightly nervous. but with practice he'll be a pro in no time. and someday soon we will have our own built in babysitter. yay!

Saturday -

-i went to a baby shower that was amazingly cute. for a friend. given by two fab friends.

-i got roped into taking my herd of children swimming at Grandma's pool.

-we hit barro's with my Fave brother and his family

-i hit Goodwill 50% off day with a friend. like i need more crap i still haven't put away all the stuff from my labor day extravaganza.

-i watched this on TV (loved it) and read a book while Lance went to a movie with my Brother.


-we went to Church.

- we had dinner at my Brothers house (fabulous Ribs, baked potatoes, Corn on the cob, Calico beans, brownie sundaes)

-put the kids to bed on time.


-got up,dressed kids and made lunches, did hair and got the kids out the door earlyish,10 minutes before the bell no less,

-posting this and soon the giveaway.

-i need to make Visiting teaching (visiting of assigned ladies in adult church organization) handouts. and go to lunch for visiting teaching.

i also need to-

-get my craft together for enrichment-or call the girl about it.

-embellish and decoupage a clipboard for the young women to make at mutual(midweek activity for the youth) next week. and make up or find a tutorial.

-and write down my schedule for the week. i am committed to a bunch of lunch dates. and a bow class i need to make sure i'm not over booked.

oh and i was late for lunch! lame me.

and never got handouts done. lamer me.


the Live good sign from here! thanks for the help ladies! whoohoo on that!

i am so excited to be a winner!

sheesh i need a nap. but i REALLY need to recover from the weekend.

my house is a DUMP! dang it.

have a fabulous monday

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KayDee said...

Sounds like you had a fun but busy weekend.

Yea for built in babysitters! I love mine:) The freedom of being able to leave and have someone there is awesome.

What a "Super Women" you have to be able to fit in all that you did and read 2 novels! I am impressed!

sherry said...

Love the whole "Ender's" series. I read them as a teenager. You should read "Ender's Shadow" too. It isn't technically in the series, it is written in a different perspective. My opinion of Lance just rose.(Never met the man, so I had no opinion before, not a bad one.) And yes, my whole family is made up of closet sci-fi nerds;)

Taryn said...

I'm exhausted just reading everything you've got going on. Hope you enjoy it all. :0)

Cant Hardly Wait said...

your weekend sounded like it was busy! how in the hell did you find time to read TWO books!?

And yes! we can still be blog friends. In fact, most of the people I know/am friends with are republican. Haha.

SuperCoolMom said...

Holy cow! Busy weekend! I didn't even tell my kids about the swimming option - since it wasn't an option in my mind.

tammy said...

Busy weekend! So fun to see you at the shower. We don't see each other enough inbetween bunkos. We need to change that.

Luvpilot loved Enders Game. I think Taylor's reading that now too.

bob marley & lucy liu said...

Oh ho! Life is good indeed when you have a built-in babysitter! My older 2 used to whine about it, but now that they get paid for it, they fight over who gets to watch Bryce. hehe

KaraLyn said...

You're my winner!!! Check out my kraftykaralyn blog for the details!!! YEA you!!!

Andrea said...

FUN seeing you on a weekend! I kept checking my google reader to see if you'd updated! I was getting worried but then also thought that maybe you were really busy or just chilli' with the fam!

BUSY weekend!!!


Octamom said...

Congrats, congrats on the big win! That's awesome!

Loved your response on Is Eight Enough? You well articulated the conundrum of big family living and the question of more or done--

As always, I love coming over to your 'place' and seeing what all is going on!

Cecily R said...

SO....speaking of reading two novels this weekend...Kate FINALLY forced me to read Twilight. And New Moon. I read them both in 24 hours.

I've requested that she not bring me the last two until I clean my house and get some work hours in. :)

Vidal's Nest said...

my house is a dump too, and my husband laid into me about it! Sighhh.
You are a busy, busy woman! No wonder you need a nap! Way to go winning!
I am a book junkie. I think you can actually measure how depressed I am by the number of books or hours I spend reading!

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