Monday, January 12, 2009

back in the saddle another monday morning.

it was a rough start to the week.

we stayed up late reading waiting for Pierce to go to bed. he's got the CRAPPIEST sleep habits ever.
he was up until 2:30 jumping on us. growling. falling off the bed. pinching, and fake laughing at Noggin. his fake laugh is LOUD , and pretty obnoxious, but we always have to laugh that he even does it.

i'm sorry but gullah gullah island is the FREAKING LAMEST SHOW EVER. it kills me.

needless to say i had a hard time getting up this morning.

after i sent kids to school i went back to bed for half an hour, until i had to get up and take Liberty to her well visit.

we now officially have 4 kids medicated for ADD or ADHD. SWEET! genetics ROCK!

lacking focus.

not getting work done.

day dreaming.

another one on the list.

and Liberty probably needs glasses.she failed her eye exam. and hasn't been able to see the board very well this year. RAD!

i get to take 2 kids to the ENT soon. (just gotta call for appointments)

2 kids to the optometrist. AWESOME!(failing eye exams) sheesh.

and everyone needs to go to the dentist. yeehaw!

i am feeling REALLY grateful for our medical Flexible spending account! and i'll have no problem using every dime of that money this year.

not that i have ever had a problem with it. lucky us.

at least this year it's convenient with the card for it(just like a credit card), instead of getting reimbursed. WHOOHOOO!

it's conference week. with early release. BOOO!

yeah i'm really stoked about going and conferencing with my kids teachers.

we had a puppy scare today. i could only find 2 in the puppy room, and i thought the other one that was missing must have been behind the extra fridge(sometimes they crawl behind it) i had Pierce back there looking for me. and was about to to get Lance to move the fridge for me. i figured i'd better make sure Hope didn't have it somewhere. i found her on my bed with a puppy hidden under the covers where she was holding it. not answering me when i called. sneaky little puppy thief. all 3 have their eyes open now.

it's like having 3 more kids to watch out for every minute. 3 more kids that can be flushed down the toilet, drowned, or lost, dropped , squished, suffocated, danced around or loved too much. the kids love the puppies but it's nerve wracking for me.

i'm always thrilled when they've all survived to be sold. just 3 more tiny, helpless living things to worry about. and i worry. but there is something to be said about family raised puppies. they are tolerant of anything little kids can dish out. trained from the beginning to be held lots, and lay on their backs like babies. cuddled, and loved. tails and ears pulled on, and picked up by a leg. they never bite or nip. pretty soon they learn to hide when they've had enough attention.

so those are my fun filled adventures today.

hope you are having a rad monday!

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