Wednesday, January 21, 2009

comments are open again as of NOW! and i gotta do some blitching!


i feel a mega blitch session coming on!

today i took Liberty and Pierce to my ENT as planned. it went Ok. she ordered a neck ultrasound for Liberty. and she has partial hearing loss one side from the hole in her ear drum. which may or may not need a paper patch. (I'm going to wait on the paper patch,hoping it will heal on it's own) and get the ultrasound.

Pierce- may or may not have the thryroglossal duct cyst(it's in the wrong place for it and not tender right now, and has gone down since i first saw it) she thought it was a sub lingual lymph node that was enlarged which would be caused by any inflammation or infection in the mouth, she wasn't concerned about it, it's going down on it's own. and we'll watch it.

his raspy voice is probably from his acid reflux, and she wrote a script for Zantac again (he took that for his whole first year).

THEN they did a hearing test, one ear was fine, but he failed miserably in the other ear. first step is a head X-ray. to check out the adenoids (note: 3 out of kids have had theirs removed already) then he is scheduled for surgery on Feb.19th for Tubes. and possible adenoids and tonsils.

this makes 10 tubes surgeries between 6 kids.

sometimes genetics SUCK!

but i have no concerns about any version of the surgery,

and no worries.

except wrangling the kid to make him take his zantac daily. he loved it as a baby, maybe he'll still like it. otherwise we will have a daily wrestling match.

she's hoping the raspy voice will go away if we treat the reflux. and hoping the speech will pick up with tubes and better hearing. so that's where that is.

here comes the blitching!

when we were at the ENT's office Liberty took Pierce over to sit in the kids play area where they had Dora on, and toys to play with. Liberty and Pierce were talking because Pierce was excited about the show and yelling about it. but not screaming and not in a super loud voice, he's just loud because he can't f-ing hear. so this OLD GEEZER made some rude comment about wringing those kids necks for being in a public place and took his wife and left.

i didn't say anything, and i tried to let it go but, i swear i wanted to go follow those shuffling hold farts, and shove them down. SO FREAKING RUDE!

why are they allowed to talk loudly and be in public? they are almost no different than Pierce, they can't hear,they talk loudly and they wear diapers. and they are at the f-ing Dr for it! not like we were in the library, or a church. or a restaurant or a store.

but even if we were they need to SHUT IT!

did they never have kids?

so today old people made my $hit list!

then on the way home we drove thru McDonald's for a happy meal for Liberty(the deal is if you go to the Dr. you get a happy meal or treat on the way home), and lunch for Lance and everyone else.

we got our food. and there are no F-reak-ING straws in the bag for our 3 drinks. so i was just going to pull in, and let Libby run in and get straws for us.

there's a handicap space wide open and the rest of the close spaces are gone. i didn't want her running across the street, so i was going to pull into it, let her run in, grab the straws and leave.

As i pulled in i see an SUV from a cold state with an old fogey couple in it ( SNOW BIRDS) so as I'm half way in the space, i see they were probably needing it, so i pulled out so they could have it. and as I'm backing up the Old FART! is glaring at me! (WTH?)

sure i shouldn't have been in a handicapped space , but i gave it up when i saw the need, and the bastard wants to be rude about it? ARE YOU F-reak-ING KIDDING ME?

go back to where you came from you RUDE OLD FARTS!

then when Liberty went in she held the door for them - ingrates!

seriously not pleased with old people today. MEAN OLD PEOPLE SUCK!

and the comments are back suddenly because i need feedback today.

that and i feel guilty that some blog friends, are emailing me to wish me luck about stuff, and they have their own crap going on and yet they are going out of their way to be good blog friends.

SO MELISSA! this is for you! hugs! you are awesome and so sweet! i appreciate your friendship!

now i am wondering why is Drive thru spelled T-H-R-U? and not through?

got any good "MEAN old people suck "stories?

ok people . don't let me down with the comments. and if you are a lurker.remember 8 people admitted to never commenting! but lurking.

come out of the closet! it's time.

low Point today? had to be the mean old people experiences

high point today? Joy lost a tooth, just now, she came running up to me and said, "a chicken nugget popped it out!"

she is running aroung announcing to family members that..."a chicken nugget popped out my TOOTH!"

very exciting!

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Becky said...

Sounds like a bad day with people being rude. I am sorry that happened to you. Sometimes people just don't realize that patience and a positive attitude is what makes it all work well. Being a jerk doesn't get anyone much IMO.


SERIOUSLY, I am sooooo sorry!!!!! I agree they need to stay home, and by home I mean there home state!!!!!

That is a lot of surgery's for your little ones. Poor little tykes.

Anonymous said...

Ok Jewels I admit I hate old mean people too. In fact mean people in genral suck! SO I am sorry you had such a crappy experiance. People are always glaring at me when I have my Bryce out and about and I can't tell him to shut up he dosen't get it and besides he just gets louder. Yes in church when we say "be quiet" softly he starts screaming "BE QUIET" my whole ward will attest to the truth of this statement. Anyways love to you.

Libby said...

Feel better? Sorry for the lame day, but I'm glad that the kiddos will be ok. Good luck with their surgeries. I'm glad to hear it was nothing major. Woo Hoo!

Piper said...

Dang it! I hate when that happens. My dad is one of those crabby old fogies! At least he's one I can tell off! Sorry that happened today. TWICE!

Tracy said...

O K, I'm coming out. I love your blog!!!! I think the only reason old people are mean is that they wish they were young again. They can't see or hear as well, move fast and sometimes pee their pants!
You are too funny. Tomorrow will be better, hang in there!

KayDee said...

I am so sorry! I have had old people complain to me about others kids and I wonder if they even remember having kids?! I dont get it!

I hope things go well for your kids with the surgeries. Good luck!

Leslie said...

Yeah old people suck!! Unless they are related!! Today I had an old guy stop me and flirt with Luke and was telling me things I didn't want to know...and I was just like go away...Finally he walked away but then turned around again and started talking again. Finally I just walked away until he left the area that I was shopping in. Atleast he was nice but, I don't go to the grocery store to chat with strangers.

I have had people walk away from us in a restraunt..they said told the waitress they didnt want to sit by us, loud enough for us to hear and my kids wern't even being that loud. Kind of puts a damper on the mood!!

Anyway, good luck with the surgeries and I hope tomorrow brings less mean old people!!

Amy said...

Since I live in the sunny spot of Utah, it is snowbird central right now. I really, really have a peeve about people complaining about kids as though they have no right to be here! And may I just add that is CRAP! You had an appointment with the Dr. just like they did. You were in the toy section. Kids are kids. If they don't like it, they can try to find another Dr. who see only old, crochety people. I think he's lucky that you didn't bite his head off. I might have done it. PMS is rearing its ugly head right now.

Sorry about all the surgeries. That just plain bites!

I got a phone call from the school yesterday that my son failed his hearing test so I'm probably going to be blitching on my blog too. We can be blitching buddies!

However, yay on the lost tooth! Totally cool way to cheer you up after all that crapiness.
This is my grumpy old person story. Scroll down to the Ward Christmas party and be sure to read the disclaimer at the bottom! I know it had to be an old person because all the other people in my ward are awesome!

Jenifer said...

I hate old people. I'm not convinced that any of them have kids, but they must, right? Or none of us would be here. I've yelled at a few of them myself. Love the blitching posts!

Sarah said...

there are certain times and places where kids are allowed to be loud.

admittedly, i am one of those people who rolls her eyes when the kids are screaming, but this reaction only comes after the kid does one of those ultra-sonic kid sreams. and, i don't roll my eyes directly to the parent or say anything to the parent because i remember when my brothers were little and how impossbile they were.

they're kids, they're supposed to be unruly. if they don't constantly test the boundaries, how will we ever start the revolution?

sherry said...

Mean old people DO suck! And medical technology just keeps getting better and better soo they just live FOREVER! In their old age they tend to revert back to childhood tendencies of thinking the world revolves around them and not thinking things through. Clasic example. On the tonsils and adenoids- if it were up to me I would get all of my kids tonsils out. I had mine out at 3 and almost never have a sore throat. Wendell still has his and gets severe tonsilitis at least once a year. Not to mention strep throat. Pain in the booty. Glad your back!

Melissa said...

Holy cow, I'm glad you opened comments back up...some of these comments are FUNNY!

I haven't really had the chance to run into any mean old people (thankfully) but so get the looks when you have a kid and people don't want to deal with them...I mean seriously, what are you supposed to do?

I'm glad that Pierce's 'bump' didn't turn out to be nearly as bad as you thought...bummer on the xrays and surgery. You guys are probably old pros at this by now, huh?

Can these issues be hereditary or have you just gotten to be really lucky? ;)

So glad that comments are back!

mom2three said...

Ok, first of all I love a gal who tells it like it is! Im laughing my a$$ off....sorry!!!
Ive got a great old people story and mine also takes place at a doc office. I was going for my surgery conciltation(sp?) anyways I had just had Reece he was about 4 months maybe and I had Jaden(just turned 2) and Bella 4 with long story short I had the limo stroller as Im wrangling with the stupid door that doesn't want to stay open a couple of old couples just sit there and stare....seriously! The receptionist had to get up to help me! After that it took me awhile to be curtious to anyone but then I thought about my cool Grandparents and remembered not all old people SUCK....although so many of them do!
I hope all the kids procedures go well thats alot to handle in one day!!!!!!!

Ali Hawkins said...

Julie I understand how you feel. Nothing makes me angrier than when I get rude comments about my kids. I seem to get looks and comments every where I go.

Sharon said...

I am a lurker - daily - I love your blog!
I went and got my free Este Lauder today! The first two stores I went to were out, but I got lucky at the third one. They only had 2 items to choose from but hey! it was free, I'm not going to complain.
Love your blog = maybe I should start my own blog too!
~Sharon in California

WishTrish said...

So glad the comments have returned!

Okay... here's my confession. I get a kick outta the old people. Maybe because I spent half my life living in a retirement town. But I love them!

Don't get me wrong... I know all too well what you are talking about. All too well. We had 3 Young Women in our ward growing up. 3! And we had like 500 active members! The 8 youth used to spend the entire Sunday after church going around to old folks homes and offering the sacrament to the many members that couldn't get out to church. The girls would play piano, lead music, greet members. The boys blessed and passed the sacrament. And I loved it. To top that off, the rest of our ward were Q-Tip-haired old folks, too. One of my YW leaders even died of old age while serving with us.

My biggest concern is when (unbeknownst to them, and especially in Mesa this time of year...) old folks try to cause my vehicle to mow them down. You know what I'm talkin' about... as they pull their old crown vics slowly out of some parking lot at <5mph into your lane where you are pleasantly chugging along at 45mph. I tell ya, it's a workout on the brakes and my sanity with a side order of whiplash. But hey! It'll be me someday! And when it is, I'm gonna give extra slobbery kisses and smell like old lady to high heaven while telling the same stories for the 8th time in 2 hours, and it's all good.

Sweet Notations said...

I remember many times when my kids were young going through Costco and my kids were moving out of the way of the snowbirds saying excuse me, excuse me, being polite while the snowbirds about knocked the kids down with carts and not once using the words excuse me!!!!! We try to teach our children manners and I think sometimes the snowbirds forget their manners!

Andrea said...

YAY!!!! Comments are BACK!!! Glad you caved.

Hope Pierce's lump continues to get smaller & it's nothing serious. Sorry about more tubes & x-rays & ultrasounds. Hopefully you'll get all the answers you need.

WOOHOO on Joy's tooth! So, is that 2 in 2 days? She's going to start looking like an old fogey with all her gums showing! HAHAHA

UGH! Cranky old folks are annoying! No one likes having to take a couple hours out of their day to wait in the Dr's office {cuz ya know it always takes that long}! But c'mon...rude comments! Why do they have to do that? They expect US to have perfect manners, yet they can go around & talk crap about everyone else. Now who's missing their manners?

Here's to a GOOD DAY tomorrow!!


Rach =o) said...

Mean OLD people are worse than normal mean people. I would have said something, so your a lot nicer than I am. I'm happy your comments are back! Love yas girly.

Asquared said...

some A-hole was staring us down because Tater was crying at Wal-Mart, I wanted to kick his a$$ but missed his last stare down so I could throw down the challenge. Seriously, what's up with cranky a$$holes that stare, say things, or are just plain rude and I get to sit back and do nothing. I'm sure I should have a much more long-suffering attitude but there are times I'm ready to throwdown on opinionated turds.

Jen said...

Oh how this post made me laugh and OH how I can relate! Seriously, it pisses me off! ROYALLY! I mean, hello you were in a f-ing dr's office for crying out loud. As if! I get mad enough at the old folks at church who feel the need to comment on not only my kids, but comment on the kids who come from horrible living conditions. I mean, single parents who's crappy husband left them and so there are multiple singles living in a house trying the best they can just to get by and they come to church EVERY week nonetheless. Then to have some old crap folk think they are whispering, but bc they are deaf, announcing to all that those women need to control their kids and "why do they even bring them? They are SO disruptive!" etc etc. Um, hello, ever think to offer your assistance instead. Ever think they are doing the best they can, but have 5 little kids and one needs a diaper change, one is freaking out b/c church is FRIGGIN stupid 2-5 right during naps and the other needs help with the potty, etc etc and this 1 mother is trying to do it all! Ever think to help! GAH! It makes me furious! I hear ya, boy do I hear ya! These old people need to read the post on your sister's blog about the 104 yr old Great Aunt and get an f-ing clue. Sorry, you hit a nerve with this post. I could go on forever, but I'll shut it now :)

Oh and the nugget popped it out!!!?!??!! CLASSIC. HILARIOUS!

Supercool Hotmama said...

I am still pissed off at the bitchy library volunteer who told me "You need 5 kids like you need a hole in the head!" Of course I was sure to tell her I had one more at home. Wench. I still see her just about every time I go too. ARGH!

The Grover's said...

Hi Julie, it's Eliza. Remember me. I've been reading your blog for a little while I've just never posted, you crack me up. I, too, can't stand mean old people. I king of feel sorry for them, who wants to go thru life grouchy all the time. But nice old people are cool.

Lance said...

I love rude stares and comments. Its like a free pass to teach them to think before doing it to the next person. There are a lot of rude people just waiting for their lesson. Like the other day in Costco, a mean younger lady glares at Joy for walking. She didn't even have her mouth open, she just wasn't following the right traffic pattern down the aisle. I know, hard to believe Joy would ever have her mouth shut, but ice cream was riding on her being quiet so she was.
I only caught the back end of the glare so this lady made sure to do it again from almost on top of Joy. Joy is oblivious, but all those around are feeling a little uncomfortable. So I say loud rude things back menacingly glare and walk toward them. Then as they scurry away I laugh.
Good times.
Hopefully they leave a little wiser and afraid the next glare might bring down the same wrath from someone else. At least a little bit, but then again they have to have small minds to glare at kids for being kids.

KaraLyn said...

Ilad you put comments back on because when I want to say something I like to say it... So YEA you! I'm not an all the time commenter, but I'll try and be better!

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