Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I love free stuff! Girls night out ! and other random updates.

AH! delightful!

for those that are my friends on Facebook, some noticed my status that said that i was "in line waiting for a free item at Nordstrom" yesterday afternoon,

i went because my friend got on and her status said to go hit dillards, Macy's and nordstrom. they were giving one free full size product per customer.

then she chatted me and made me go.

i have to admit i doubted the validity of the deal. too good to be true maybe. and not worth the effort to drag kids along for it.

well google is my friend and i googled it, and discovered it was a payoff on a class action law suit against certain cosmetics and fragrance companies .

RAD! so i went!

i'd called around looking for my mom and called my sister and told her, so she went with me and Pierce.

spur of the moment totally last minute!

anyway. we hit one mall that had Macy's and Dillard's. and then went to another one that had Macy's, Dillard's, and Nordstrom. Gotta maximize the wonder right?

so i got for my effort

-a full size Armani Code body wash.

-a full size Vera Wang Princess foaming body polish

-a Lancome Mascara

-a full size Clinique moisture surge moisturizer

-a full size Este lauder intensive night repair moisturizer( i gave it to my mom)

5 free items. sure it took a little effort and time and yet it WAS worth it.

the deal started yesterday. and goes until supplies last. which with as many people going , more and more as the afternoon went on. they might be out. but they might not be too.

anyway. rad tip from a friend. YAY! (i'm so glad i listened to her!)

i only had to drag Pierce with me. Lance knows how much i love free crap and sent me on my way with his blessing, and he'd keep the girls for me. (joy stayed home yesterday)


dinner was FABULOUS! at home that i cooked all day in the crockpot!


last night i had girls night out with my sister in law Alicia and Andrea. which was super fun. it was supposed to be the whole girls night out group but we were the only ones that went.

we saw Bride Wars. (my second time) and i loved it again!

except i knew what was going to happen at the end, and i disliked one character more from the get go. no delusions about that person anymore. but still. CUTE MOVIE! i could totally own it.

Today i get to take Pierce to the ENT for his neck bump(thyroglossal duct cyst) and ask about his lack of verbal skills in case there is a medical reason for it(hearing loss, nodule on his voice box etc). Liberty is going for her enlarged thyroid. i want it all checked out. and some testing done(order an ultrasound) . plus she has a hole in her eardrum for whatever reason.

they are going to the ENT/ Surgeon that did my 2nd thyroid surgery and Pierce's tubes.

so yeah eventful day.

and that is is for my big plans. until i get to do my taxi duties to scouts, scouts and achievement days.

Oh and Wednesday dinner with my mom. it's wednesday already?!

have a fabulous one!

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