Thursday, January 1, 2009

crazymama and her new years day adventures

Happy new years day!
i had another one of those non stop days.

every year for the last few we have gone to the ultimate omelet party on New years day. complete with Omelets made to order and scones (fry bread) heavenly day! delicious! put on by a fabulous friend and her Husband. for all of their friends and family lucky enough to be invited. kids are welcome too. what more could you ask for? DELIGHTFUL!

we've gone the last 4 years? with the exception of the year i was uber ill all prepped for my cancer testing that got messed up.(that year sucked and i think they forgave me for missing)

this year i almost didn't make it. waiting around for the family to get up and get ready to go. i finally went alone. which was awesome!


I had some fresh scones with homemade jam! and MMMM it was heavenly day fantistic!! and saw some dear friends ,some family

then went merrily on my way.


Lunch with my sisters.

and from there i went shopping for the last of my bunko prizes. which was easier said than done.

were you aware alot of stores ARE NOT OPEN ON NEW YEARS DAY!?!

LAME! i mean great for those stores employees but lame for me. who finally was trying to go to Poppy's and real deals. and costco. sheesh. no luck today.

it made getting the last prize really hard to find.

dang it. which made for a LONG AFTERNOON!

i come home right around 5:00pm. to find out Lance had not only been taking care of our 6 kids but 4 of my sisters and 3 of my friends. 14 kids all afternoon. he said it was great. that he barely saw them and got tons done.

i thought holy crap! he is way nicer than me.

of course our backyard is better than any playground. with the playhouse swing set, the trampoline and the wheel of death(merry go round) and the rest of the house to roam free in too. what's not to love?

no wonder they were entertained.


anyway. the girls had plans with Grandma, so i dropped them off around 7 and hit target for some household basics like detergent, and dishwasher tabs.

i get to clean all day tomorrow for bunko, and darn it that Lance starts back to work tomorrow. and the kids are still off. i guess they will get to help me clean. lucky them.

lucky Lance to avoid the mad dash to get ready.

i think he may have planned it that way.

i have my suspicions.

wish me luck with my bunko prep.

i hope you have a FABULOUS FRIDAY!


what did you do with your new years day?

do you have any new years traditions?

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Ruthie Girl said...

I can't even focus on your questions, I am just so jealous of your life! My parents never watch my kids like that. I had to ship them out of town when my son was hospitalized.

Ok, my husband will watch the kids and he doesn't even call it babysitting, but I am the one that feels guilty.

Anyway, traditions? Cool. I work every year. In 8 years, I think I have only kissed my husband twice on new years.

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Sounds like a great day! Avoiding the 14 kids... J/K...

I'm all for putting kids to work helping out!

We did nothing really all day... Watched movies with the kids and that's about it! Pretty boring. If we're close to family then we have a hang out bash which is fun and we play games and just visit and stuff but being so far away we didn't do a thing! :)

Becky said...

No fair you have so many sisters and I don't have any...I think I have been short shafted. My kids were at their Aunt's house for New Year's Day, so I wrote another chapter to a second book. I also went and visited with some extended family visiting from out of town.

michelle said...

It souds like you had a fun day!!! We actually stayed home all day. We usally go to the movies, and dinner. We decided to clean the garage, and get he house back in shape. It wasn't tons of fun, but it sure feels good! :) Have a superr fun time with Bunko tonight!

threeundertwo said...

Happy New Year! We visited relatives and ate. and ate. and ate. I think I have a food hangover from all these holidays.

Have fun at Bunco!

Amy said...

I went shopping for my boys. They look like orphans these days. They have outgrown most of their clothes. So I hit the monster sale at Childrens place (not so great for boys this year) and then KB toy store for their going out of business sale, toys 50% off. So I started on their birthday presents. Got some great deals! Then I went to Rue 21 and bought me some way cute sweaters. Then I hit famous footwear and got new shoes for me and my youngest (on clearance, I'm too cheap to pay full price) Then I went to TJ Maxx and their selection for boys was worse then Childrens place. Then I hit the grocery store for milk, ended up in the Christmas section and stocked up on wrapping paper, bows, bags, tissue paper and tags. I took advantage of having the hubby home and left the kids with him. It was a fabulous way to spend New Years Day, I think I have found a new tradition!

tammy said...

How nice of Lance to watch all those kids. Luvpilot would not have been so happy.

KayDee said...

What a fun day:) and how nice of Lance to watch the kids!

Happy New Year!!

Andrea said...

A BIG THANK YOU to Lance for taking 3 of my kids to play! They had a BLAST!!!! We still had family coming & going at our house & chatting with our neighbors about remodeling nightmares. Good stuff! Usually we take down Christmas stuff if it's still up, but that didn't happen. Otherwise, no real traditions. Unless you consider sleeping in a tradition over the holidays? hahaha

Can't wait for bunko tonight!!!

Jen said...

Wow, you have so much fun! I love the breakfast tradition and am glad you were able to go! You have an AWESOME hubby! Good luck with Bunko!

Cecilia said...

Happy New Year! I slept all day, it was AWESOME!

Leslie said...

Sounds like a fun day!! I went out to lunch with my mom and the stores I went to were luckily open. But instead of returning I exchanged and just spent more money that I didnt have.

Ps. I posted that paper mache word I made for my mom.

Sarah said...

our new years day: errand mania. we took a field trip waaaay north to a car parts shop where huffy bought a helmet and hans device to wear in his race car.

then we went waaaaaaaay south to get snow tires for my car.

finally, huffy got new glasses.

the dingos were pretty bent out of shape when we got home, and we FAILED to live up to our new year's resolution to eat better by having clam chowder for dinner (but it was yummy!)

my life is sooooo exciting...

Sarah said...

ugh, wait.... all that was yesterday. new years? no clue. my life is so boring the days are beginning to melt into each other.

Debra said...

Don't you love it when other kids come over... it keeps yours busy and out of your way to get things done. Somehow I canNOT get my friends with just 2 kids to understand that though. They feel "guilty" for dropping off their kids at my house b-cuz it adds to my madness they say. I LOVE IT! I get so much done!!!@

We have no traditions. We are boring. I know.

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