Tuesday, January 20, 2009


so did you see the new topper?

the picture on the left of the top? ENGAGEMENT PICTURE.

complete with more hair then i have now, and OVERALLS. you can't enjoy the wonder of them though since i cropped it. but yeah. it was 1997. and those were "IN" and comfortable.

why i thought that was a good fashion choice for engagement pictures i'll never know.


the hand holding picture? is way down south on the VERY BOTTOM OF THE BLOG!

i doubt many see it way the heck down there, in fact i count on that, since that is a not flattering look for my patookie(like the kids say). and those pants have since been on the bottom of my list for options of things to wear since i know now how unflattering they are.

anyway. live and learn. apparently it takes a picture of myself to notice that something might not be my best look.

i need to take note of that. and use it to my benefit.

i used some kits from my pal Janna! and i love love them. i'd link but she just went private.

and both pictures are Still life studios. hmm. except the engagement one was pre-mission. so that was a highschool version of still life studios. still fabulous.

and my computer is RUNNING SUPER SLOW! like cold tar in the middle of the night since it's when we run our system scan. so i'll link it all up later.

have a fabulous tuesday!

i have a feeling i'll be napping today!

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