Thursday, March 5, 2009

blog topper,blog buttons. and a fabulous friday!

it's new blog topper time. 3 of 3 so far this year. i need new pictures of the kids.

i am not sure this one is going to stay up for long.

i'm not committed to it right now.

i attempted to make new buttons too. and yet they are all too big.

and they look LAME if they are shrunk.

i give up for tonight.



Credits? the Birds are Tangie Baxter(some are recolored) . and the swirly stitching is Molly Decrow. both were old freebies.

and the topper picture is a ONEHM flag picture extracted and recolored.


michelle said...

Love the pictures, and colors!!! I need a blog make over...bad! :)

blah, blah by lindsey said...

i love your new stuff! good job!

Andrea said...

WOOHOOOO!!!!! Your new topper & buttons look FANTASTIC!! Those birds are CUTE!

Cecilia said...

Loving the new look!

Jen said...

Very cute! One of these days I'll get off my duff and re-do mine. . . I'm just THAT lazy!

onehm said...

LOVE the new look! SO HAPPY!!

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