Friday, June 19, 2009

glutton for punishment. fathers day shopping with 6 kids.

OY! i took all 6 kids shopping for Father's day after movie fun.


i'm frazzled after movie fun anyway.ALWAYS.

then Peyton hadn't taken his pill this morning in the rush out the door. and it was a RUSH out the door. we were late as usual.

THEN. after perusing most of the departments on the way to the register, i stopped in hair accessories to look at a flower headband.

while i was looking at it, Both big boys took that moment stand on the front of the cart. toppling it over smooshing themselves, While Hope and Pierce had the scariest ride of their life tipping over to crash on the floor.

EXCELLENT! it was pretty horrifying . i picked up the cart, shushed everyone and we headed to the register, READY TO GO! i was horrified at the dirty looks, and OH the delightful comment from the cashier looking at me with disdain when i said yes, they were all mine.

of course at that point i was regretting attempting the whole father's day shopping, with all the kids. apparently i need to split them up into smaller groups. and go multiple times.


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tammy said...

You are brave.

I hate comments and looks from people that aren't nice. Did you at least find something?

The Montgomerys said...

I hate those looks.You just want to say bite me! You should have brought them to the Skinner to swim!

onehm said...

I took five with me and bribed with ice cream... it worked for the most part. and no one tipped over the cart, thank heavens!!! :)

We are both crazy. Why didn't we plan better to meet up without children later on??

CassiB said...

Hopefully you atleast got something good?
Rude people, it's not like they all have different baby-daddys or anything!
Make a post it for next year not to do that again!

Ruthie Girl said...

I am sorry to laugh at your misfortune, but I loved it.

I can't believe the cart fell over.

andrea said...

I'm sorry....I hope he at least likes what he gets!!! :)

I still have to go finish mine. And even better, I'm not taking all the kids alone. I'm making their daddy come with us all!!!! :) (He has to. He wants new walking shoes, and I can't get him those without him trying them on first. )

sherry said...

You're so brave/crazy. I won't even attempt it. Because I am a woosy;)

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