Thursday, June 18, 2009

i thought that would never end -Things to think about Thursday!

i copied this friend. and i got it here

so. i went for bloodwork today. it's been over a year.
i'm obviously totally slacking on my stuff.
but whatever.

while i sauntered casually into the lab all by my lonesome.

I reflected
that it wasn't always this easy to go get my bloodwork done.

i used to travel with my entourage. to the lab every 6 weeks.

i used to take at minimum 2-4 kids to every appointment, lab, or hospital pre-op visit until probably 2 years ago. (when the hubs started working from home)

sometimes i just didn't have a sitter available. and sometimes it wasn't worth the extra effort to farm them out or drop them off. and i hated to inconvenience people.

plus some appointments lasted 3 hours plus travel. and about an hour and a half in, if the hubs was watching the kids, he'd call and ask what store i was at? "um NO, i'm still waiting to see the Dr.!"

it sucked. but if i took the kids with me i could go shopping afterward instead of rushing home or rushing to pick up the kids. and since i was often on the other side of town i wanted to stop and shop. all those glorious stores taunting me from the freeway, that i only drove by for appointments.

sometimes i wanted the extra time to relieve some stress afterward. if it meant taking the herd i was willing.

PLUS, i was braver then, and the other kids were pretty well trained to tolerate the long drives, and sitting nicely in the stroller for hours while we waited. or saw the dr.

for the regular lab visits. i became a familiar face there, they knew me, they knew my kids, knew my standard labs i was having drawn.

at the time i thought it would never end.

all the appointments. and stress of dragging kids along. now it seems so long ago.

i haven't been to the lab in a year. and yet today the same ladies were there.

i had to ask how long they'd been there. 20 years, and 15. no wonder i always see them. they should be on my christmas card list with my pharmacy tech, walmart cashiers, and sonic drive thru peeps. (all the people i see more often than certain in-laws)

i have to say i'm glad i'm past that. whether it's because i choose to ignore the need for follow up or not. i'm still past it because i can leave the kids home with the hubs while i go alone to the lab now.

soon they will all be in school .

that and, dragging along a herd of babies and toddlers is no longer my reality.

It's funny how i thought that would never end either.

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tammy said...

They do grow up fast. I still remember planning outings around naps and knowing I had to get certain things done before nap time.

Thanks for the link to those little cards. I had been wondering where people got those. Fun!

CassiB said...

those little cards are so cute. they remind me of some of my gramma's recipe cards.
I feel the same way only not for labwork. the grocery store is so nice other than when i'm working, it's nice to get away w/o little people i can get away with that more now that it is summer, i'm with them alllllll day so i should get a break once in a while.
they do grow so fast.

Vidal's Nest said...

Sometimes it feels like this stage of life will never end. But people keep reminding me to enjoy it cause it will fly by.
It's hard to when it is so dang overwhelming too!
Way to go yesterday getting so much done!
I have turned into a first rate slug around here! Some days I barely leave my room! What's up with that??

Cecily R said...

Your list of people you see more often than certain in-laws made me laugh. Heee.

Isaac is old enough to stay with the girls for a bit while I run errands and such. Never thought that would EVER come...and the fact that I can actually LET the kid babysit is a MIRACLE. I can be such a nervous mommy!

rad6 said...

ok, I can SOOOOO relate to this post. I remember so well the years (oh the many years) of taking enough toddlers to the grocery store that there was no room in the cart for the groceries. I had to strategically put the eggs on the shelf on the bottom of the cart so that a child would not sit on them... that and the bread and anything else that would smash. oh the memories go on. But today I went to Walmart... and for the past several years I have been able to go alone all I want, and I still make most trips solo, but today I asked my 15 year old son if he would like to go, and then the 5 and 7 year olds chimed in that they wanted to join us too, and I was happy to have the company! Funny the things we will miss one day. And like you said, at one point we thought they would never end.
Oh, and you can definitely add those lab techs to your christmas card list... you should... and some of the blog land people that you think are cool too... heehee.

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