Wednesday, June 17, 2009

how is it the busier i am the more productive i can be?

OK so that last wonders post.

well it was a quickie.

i've been busy today. go, go ,go.

appointments, scouts. music store. grocery store, pharmacy. piano lessons. dentist.

dishes, counters. cooking. washing fruit. putting away groceries.


well there is something to be said for being busy. i've gotten tons done today.

hardly any time to sit and waste on the computer

i'm cooking spaghetti for dinner as i post this good time.

everyone is Busy.

and i get that in other states people are more likely to be outside enjoying the weather .

here it's just too dang hot to be outside unless you are in a pool. which we don't have one . so, there is lots of computer time.

well i should go finish making dinner. have a fabulous Wednesday night. we are excited about WIPEOUT!

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CassiB said...

i agree too hot to be outside, and the pool water is too cold for me, yes i am a wuss. but it hasn't been warm enough at night lately.
i am headed off to make chicken enchiladas, we had pasghetti last night.
yay for busy days! i got a whole store ad changed. although my house needed the attention.

Jen said...

We had spaghetti too! And I agree the busier I am the more productive I feel, which sometimes feels fantastic others just feeling tired! Thanks for the reminder of Wipeout! I am glad I came and read when I did!


Busy does feel good sometimes. This summer has been crazy busy for us. Enjoy that yummy spaghetti!

andrea said...

Whoo-Hoo! For getting things done. I can't claim that. I have lots going on, but none of it is getting done all the way, dang it. Playroom is still ripped apart. I got the front half of the lawn (jungle) mowed today before the heavens opened and the daily (seriously, it's daily lately) deluge began. Laundry is in various states of getting done.

Spaghetti sounds good. Maybe that's what I'll make tomorrow.

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