Monday, June 8, 2009

"Mom, Did you get fixed?"

Joy came up to me with a pair of old baby shoes. smaller than anyone here wears.

she said , probably we can give them to....(a family member with smaller babies than ours)

then she said, "since you aren't having more babies, can we give away all the baby stuff?"

i said," sure probably."

next thing she said is..." well you could have more babies maybe someday." with a hopeful ring in her voice.

and i replied," well no, that's probably not gonna happen."

and she said "why? did you get 'fixed'?"

and at that point i cackled out loud.

after i was done laughing i said, "nope i didn't get fixed yet. so i guess that could happen maybe someday."

she came up a minute later planning the arrival of "maybe twins or triplets". she's a dreamer.

i hate to squash the fantasy, because if i say definitely no, and there's a surprise someday, well i hate to be a liar, and Joy never forgets. so i have to be vague and keep the option open.

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Jen said...

Seriously love Joy!! That is hilarious!!

And I am too lazy to comment on the post below, because you know that would take me making a few extra clicks, like way less than it took me to write all this, anywho, I second the private blog just for you. I have one and it is great to vent out thoughts that would otherwise be a major downer or offensive to some, and it helps get it all out!

Serendipity said...

very very funny. Well, you can tell joy that your friend Laura is getting "fixed" on friday...

tammy said...

That is too funny.

And ditto what Jenny said. Or just put it on the bunko blog. That's good too.

Are You Serious! said...

♥ HOW FUNNY!!! I'd steer clear of the twins and triplets thing though!!! :)

CassiB said...

LOL. Megan said I need to have triplets so that each girl can have their own and they won't have to share. Oh and they should be boys so our sides are even, could you imagine triplet boys?
It's good to keep your options open.

Leslie said...

How funny!! She is too cute!!

I also ditto Jen and Tammy. I love my private blog, even though I know nobody reads it, its still fun to vent!!

Ruthie Girl said...

How great you know her so well.

P.S. Don't get fixed. It sucks.

jes said...

i love that conversation! the things the young ones say. as my four year old says i can't have any more babies because i don't have a uterus. your joy sounds like she is holding out for more siblings.

Devri said...

just have a million more, you know you want to! tee hee

blah, blah by lindsey said...

did you get fixed??!!!??? i love joy!!

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