Sunday, July 26, 2009

2.5 weeks

my kids have 16 days left of summer vacation. including weekends. HOLY COW!

I've been looking forward to this all summer, and now that it's here I'm having mixed feelings.

i had to count 3 times that's roughly 2 and a half weeks. (counting weekends which are debatable in the counting of weeks in my opinion. since time passes differently on the weekend)

2.5 weeks

  • to get my house in order.
  • to get the shopping done.
  • to get haircuts (or do them myself tomorrow with 2.5 weeks for the hack jobs to grow out)
  • to swim with the kids and layout attempting to get rid of my stupid halter strap line. (I'm afraid it will be here all winter if i don't get rid of it before the season is over)
  • to play guitar hero all day with my groupies
  • to get back on some semblance of a schedule (no more staying up until 2 am and sleeping in until noon)
  • to have minor anxiety attacks worrying about the schedules , the lunches, the shopping. the chronic tardiness.
That's ONLY 2 and a half weeks (hardly any time left at all)
  • to enjoy my baby girl home all day with me before she grows up and goes to all-day Kindergarten. (I'm so not ready for her to grow up, she can stay little forever)

  • to savor my baby before he gets sent on a bus to preschool 3 days a week.

and worst of all only 2 and a half weeks ...

  • with the excuse that the house is a mess because the kids are home all day messing it up. once they go back that excuse is in the toilet and I'm expected to perform to my full housekeeping potential? (GASP! what is my life coming to?)

i have a feeling these are going to be fun filled,jam packed, anxiety riddled days for the next 2.5 weeks. (gotta pack in the fun before they go back)

but along with the back to school stress comes the back to school fun! (for ME)

is anyone else ready to the schedule back to school lunch dates?
it's just a bonus that comes with back to school.

i can't wait until i see my friends more than just once a month at bunko! I'm super ready to go to lunch weekly with my ladies!

SUPER BONUS- depending on the Pierce's schedule and lunch dates.
i might just be flying solo to LUNCHES! heavenly day!?!

OK so i can totally be sad and happy at the same time about back to school.


how are you feeling about it?



What time do you make your kids go to bed during the school year?

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Carie said...

I also have mixed feelings! I have complained about having my kids home all summer, and now that school is about to start I don't know if I am ready! Who wants to deal with gettting kids up and ready, not me! The homework struggle just about kills me,I do not look forward to this at all! I can't believe that they have to go back so early and endure such heat, I remember when school didn't start until after Labor Day. I am not looking forward to the stress and demands that starting school brings!

onehm said...

Totally mixed.
Also for me is that once the kids go back, that means I'M going back.
waaaaaaah me.

CassiB said...

Totally mixed. I'm so not ready and what i'm dreading is back to school clothes. have not done decent shopping yet, and the budget for it sucks this year so that makes it even less enjoyable.
About lunches yahoo i got an extra kid starting when school starts=more money, but also means less chances to go to lunch depending on # of kids i have.
i'm with you on the house crap. when summer started i couldn't wait to have free time together to get tidy, never happened. now i'm loosing my extra set of hands for daycare too so that means i'm back to being the main entertainment around here.
on the other hand my girls love school, they love being in school and so far we have loved all of our teachers. not so excited to find out teachers 2 days before it starts, can't wait to find out who we get!

My Family said...

I can't wait for my kids to go back to school!! I can't wait for the fighting and bickering to go away (at least for the hours that they are gone) I can't wait to have my clean house back AND I can't wait to be able to do my shopping and lunch dates again WITHOUT all of my children. The things I am not excited for are-homework, early mornings, making lunches and trying not to forget to go to the store to get lunch stuff and having to be home at a certain time everyday.
My kids are still on their school sleeping schedule, they go to bed at eight and they wake up at six, sometimes we let them stay up until nine :), I wouldn't mind letting them stay up late if they would sleep in but they don't so they have to go to bed early.

Taryn said...

I haven't given it much thought yet. Mine don't go back until Aug. 24th. I've still got orthodontist appointments and eye doctor appointments to make it thru before then. We own our own business so I'm at the office everyday so there isn't a lot that changes on that front. I will have to start getting up ON TIME once it's back to school. lol My kids have to be in bed by 9:00-9:30 during the school year. I wake them up at 6:30 and we leave for school at 7:30.

Leslie said...

I am so looking forward to school starting. I will still have one left at home with me, but he still takes naps, is starting to entertain himself, and doesn't talk back to me so all will be good.

The prep of getting us all back on a normal schedule will not be fun...Landon is staying up to 2am.

ps..if you havn't already, you should check out the video on my blog or facebook...I found a program to use on my dads computer and made it about our a little something exciting at the end of it!!

Becky said...

I can't wait for school to start and have a cleaner house. The budget for school clothes is very limited this year, which stinks. I also have one kid starting jr high, which is a first for me. I keep my kids on 8:30 bedtime year round because I am not a night person and need my sleep.

Ruthie Girl said...

Next year is going to be so great for you!

Vidal's Nest said...

We started today! TODAY!! CRAZY!
I am glad my 10 year old is back in school cause she was making me nuts and she is a pig right now, but I am a lil sad at Bailey starting Kindergarten. Seems like she is too little!
Can I say I am a lil jealous you are going to have NO kids for a few hours a day? Heavenly...I guess I only have 5 more years to look forward to that! Enjoy!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Our 3 are all in college...our two daughters, had such a short, short 3 week break from dental school...the older went on her summer honeymoon, since they only had a few days for their "mini-moon" after getting married Dec 31st... we only got to see the younger one on her 3 week break and she flew back on Tuesday (but I am happy we got to see her at all)...and our son did get to come home from his first year of college...between his awesome summer job, being a church camp counselor for two separate camps, his highschool buds, and his girlfriend...we saw him a teeny-weeny bit haha

...but yes, summer was way too short! and you are so right! once everyone has gone back to school, "shucks", I too have NO excuse about "their" messes!

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