Saturday, July 25, 2009

Gotta love Date night.

we saw this
(it's not for Prudes)
what is that website that spells out all that is immoral about a movie?

or you can just watch the restricted clips to see if you can hack it.
i'm guessing NO RELATIVES or church friends would approve.

(but i kinda loved it)

Then we went to my new secret fave place.
where the chick recognized me AGAIN!

i actually got the root beer instead of a Dr.Pepper.
and a caramel cashew sundae. (i like the turtle sundae more)

THEN we finished off our hot night out at
the 24 HOUR Pharmacy where i bought some cheap school supplies
and the kids requisite babysitting candy.

i got candy filled cell phones for each of them .
the hubs said they'd be annoying and let me tell you they ARE!
but they are digging on them.

Joy told me hers can even text. and she can call Hollywood on it.


So did you go on a Hot date this weekend? what did ya do?

Do you know the name of that movie review website all the Mormon mommy's dig on?
can you tell me?

OH and awesome other tidbit? we got our school supply lists.
i had a mini anxiety attack over them but I'm good now.

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Love date nights. Havn't had one in a while:( Can not help you on the website ,but I wouldn't mind knowing what it is.Can't imagine what yur school supply list entails but give me a couple years and I will be right there with you.

tammy said...

I know what your secret place is : )

Love Katherine Heigl. And Joy's comment about her phone.

Serendipity said...

I went and saw the movie yesterday with a friend and I totally loved it! It is crude, and I did learn a few new terms but I have to say I laughed soo hard I was crying! Totally worth the money!

Amy said...

I don't have a school supply list yet. Its freaking me out a little bit to say the least. Did get all the school clothes shopping done yesterday. So at least that's something, right?

I have wondered whether that movie would be good, thanks for the review. I'm sooo gonna go!

CassiB said...

i sooo want to see that movie. i don't know what that site is but i have a friend that always talks about one so i know it exists. we don't screen movies, it's hard enough to get Hozer to take me to see one i can't be so picky. i enjoy crude humor too so it works out.
Joy cracks me up, she reminds me of my Missy sometimes.
we had a family date last night. dq for dinner then off to my sis's house to hold that new baby. she was wearing the dress i made for her. such a cutie. that was our hot night, man i wanted to go to the secret place, but dq bacon cheeseburgers rock right now (dq is next to the hosp. where Emmie was born so we had it 2x this week.) so fun to be recognized maybe she'll give you a discount next time!

Kimm said...

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