Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Frugal is such an ugly word!

OY! so my back to school advice went over well.

there was a 16 comment thread on FB on my lack of judgment and regret for not taking my own advice(about shopping for kids shoes without the kids). in that last post.

my status said Crazymamaof6

regrets not taking my own excellent advice.

i got this gem on facebook from Sherry...

"That reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. "I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it. That explains the trouble that I'm always in..."

which i loved.


so lots of people mentioned buying ahead in the off season which i used love , and USED TO DO.

if i have the money, and the space to store for the year that it sometimes takes to roll around to use those goodies i have stockpiled away. i did it.

there are the times that i buy it cheap, hoard it away in a safe place and WHOOPS! where did i hide that?

or i just TOTALLY FORGET I even bought it. leading me into the pitfall of buying again.

this is where i often get in trouble. because, like i've said before i have too much stuff. the hubs doesn't like finding things new in the bag hidden with tags intact. and he really doesn't like it when i buy double of what we need because i bought it cheap.

so. that is for special people that have the extra budget to shop ahead and the smarts to recall where they put it. and the space to store it.

i've been restricted from doing that method for a long while now. for various reasons.

(you might think i've done that for years or something and he's put his foot down? Oh and we are out of space. and money)

now i will admit buying the season ahead thrifting. because then i'm more likely to get a better selection buying shorts when people are looking for jeans and vice versa. buying jeans when people want shorts. i can afford it because it's 50% off of like 3 bucks.

yup! so there we go.

i'm afraid i'm coming off as CHEAP.

which i'm not. (as my husband/friends/relatives would tell you.)

but i have learned to be frugal.

i am trying to be frugal.

except frugal is such an ugly word!

My Tuesday delights?

Pierce's Last therapy session before he turns 3 and he's kicked out of the program. (AZ early intervention program is for kids up to the age of 3.)

after that, i have a haircut and eyebrow wax with my fabulous friend Reilly!

and i'll finish off the day with shoe shopping for kids shoes. whoohoo! alone. or maybe with a friend!


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Becky said...

Sometimes I just get so tired of trying to be frugal all the time. Is there a point in time when we get to start buying quality items and not worry too much about the cost of it? I hope so...

Scrappy Girl said...

Ooh...have a great time with your friend and with shopping!

CassiB said...

1 a hard-working, frugal woman thrifty, economical, careful, cautious, prudent, provident, unwasteful, sparing, scrimping; abstemious, abstinent, austere, self-denying, ascetic, monkish, spartan; parsimonious, miserly, niggardly, cheeseparing, penny-pinching, close-fisted; informal tightfisted, tight, stingy. See note at economical . antonym extravagant.

lol, have fun shopping sans kiddos today. i totally need to get on that, something just comes up everyday.

Devri said...

I fully do the same with my kiddos (last post) And I hate being frugal! dumb economy.. Only one prob.. I still haven't took my kids school shopping yet, and now I am in a cast and crutches! wanna come and take them for me!?

Carie said...

I mistakingly took my 13 year old boy shopping yesterday for school. You would have thought we were millionaires by the things he wanted me to buy him! 80 dollar shoes is he kidding me, he will grow out of them by next month the way he is growing, and then he tried to get me to buy him pants with chains and spikes hanging off of them! I of course did not, and promptly took him home before he thought of any more hidious things for me to buy for him!
By the way, I also have a boy who will be a senior this year, do you know what he wants for school??? Nothing! Not one single thing, not even school supplies, wow I guess I'll take it!

jayna said...

aint nothin wrong with being frugal. ;) i have started to be way more that way and it's just me! and kids grow out of stuff so fast that it hardly seems worth it to spend a lot on clothes. i spend more on clothes for me, but i also have a few items in my closet that have withstood the test of time and have been in there for 10+ years. yes, you heard me 10+ years. and they are as fabulous as the day i bought them. just sayin. love that you find the bargains and still have your kids looking great!!

Jen said...

CHEAP is a disgustifying word, FRUGAL on the other hand, eh not so bad....at least from my seat ;0! COL if you must when you read this from your phone!

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