Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Why is it?

why is it...

that i could take these people shopping all day long ?

(all day every day)

but there is no way in heck i would take these people?

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as i lay in bed in my virtually silent house at 9:45 am ( all of the kids slept in)

i started debating with myself going shopping this morning before Therapy this afternoon.

just a quick jaunt to the outlet mall.

alone would be my ideal.

then , i considered taking one child with me. since I'm not totally sure of his shoe size. a fun mom and kid date.

then i considered taking all of my kids with me. assuming if i was properly equipped with the stroller, I was almost sure shopping with 6 kids in tow wouldn't be too bad. I used to do it all the time.

of course after recalling yesterday's delights with only 4 kids,

i completely decided against it.

plus they wouldn't wanna walk to the far reaches of the mall "just to see" what certain stores had, not necessarily buying anything.

doing that at multiple stores is out of the question, I'd probably have an outright mutiny on my hands.

did you know there was a time i would troll the mall on a regular basis? which happened to be DAILY. or at minimum 3 times weekly. with all of my kids ! all day long!


HOW DID I DO THAT? what has changed?

why is that not even an option now?

WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? (that I'm too intimidated to take my herd shopping? )

i confess at my best/worst (depending on who is telling the story, me or the hubs)

  • i would hit multiple malls a day.
  • the people at every Gymboree knew me by name some even by my voice over the phone.
  • Peyton (my #1) mistakenly called the mall HOME more than once.
  • at the age of 4 if you asked Peyton's favorite pastime, it was...SHOPPING.
  • thousands of dollars were spent every year on kids clothes.

somehow i managed to haul 3 kids 2 and under to the mall that often.

then it was FOUR kids 4 and under.

by the time #5 was born. #1 was in school so it was mostly only 4 kids shopping and going to the kids clubs , and walking the mall with me spending MONEY LIKE WATER. the kids matched daily. the girls matched and the boys matched every freaking day. but we'd go all summer long. on weekends etc. 5 kids and me. we'd go to the zoo and stuff too but shopping, i did it. taking kids was no big deal.

when #6 rolled around 3 were in school full time, but I'd been broken of the habit of daily mall shopping.

you wonder what broke me? what led to my downfall?

  • it was that year i had cancer again and got pregnant, i was too exhausted to walk into the mall.
  • we were destitute that last year of school so there was no gratuitous spending on clothes we didn't need.
  • I'd replaced my shopping addiction with blogging. free entertainment from the comfort of my home.no need to even get dressed.
  • the hubs was home in the evenings finally after YEARS of him rarely being home. and i could go alone to the store.the places i went were open past 9 pm. long after the mall had closed.

Thus ended the training of good shoppers. by that point my gymboree addiction was (finally) gone.

SO where did the self analysis get me?

  • it reminded me , my little kids don't love shopping and aren't well behaved.
  • my big kids whine now and ask when we are going home wanting to sit and play computer instead of Browsing with me.

so there it is.

if i leave now and come back fast, i might not have a huge mess at home to recover from before Therapy?

i'll be going to the mall alone.

all it took was a little self analysis.

now lets analyze the pics. holy cow they grow up fast!

can you believe this picture?
the kids were 6,5,4,3, and 1

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here they are essentially.
10,9,8,7,5,and 3

WOW the difference is appalling to me.

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CassiB said...

so fun to see the comparison.
i used to be the mom that had well behaved kids in the grocery store that was at 1,3,5 then at 2,4,6 it got harder, shortly after that they either went to the cubhouse in bashas(i knew the chick that worked there from HS.) or they stayed home. now if i even have to run into the store for one thing it is such a pain at 6,8,10. what happened?
love the pics!

Scrappy Girl said...

Taking my 2 to the mall yesterday was a PAIN! They hate it and everytime I tried to do something Wild Child would take her feet and push the stroller away from me...the cashier at Chicfila said, "Um mam, she's getting away." Sure enough she was about 20 feet away already...argh! BTW...those skirts are adorable...I am in love.

Oh yeah...Gymboree addiction...what's that?! LOL!

Melissa said...

Some times I like self analysis and some times it's just a pain in the butt! :)

Enjoy your shopping!!

Wendy Phelps said...

Ha! Ha! I laughed over the memories. There is always that one child or event that throws all the old habits out the window. Your fun blog makes up for it though and touches so many more people. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your point of view, I have never liked shopping. My kids love it, but I find it a necessary evil. Grocery shopping is not so bad, but clothing shopping is definitely not my favorite thing.

Carie said...

Dontcha think time is seriously speeding up! I can't seem to get a hold of it! Time seemed so much slower when we were kids, I think technology has caused it to seem sped up, all we had was the basic few TV channels, and we actually went outside and played all day long with no computer or DS, or video systems to occupy us, so our days seemed much longer! Thats my philosophy on life and why you have a little 5 year old one day, and the next day he somehow turned 13!

Jenn said...

Lol- the thought of shopping with my three makes me want to hurl--- so Kudos' to you for being able to do it with as many as you did for as long as you could.

onehm said...

Excellent self analysis.
LOVE the flashback photos.
WOW Liberty is taller than Peyton.
You have darling children, matching clothes or not.

Hope the mall was fun!

sherry said...

I was forced into this kind of reflection while watching home videos. Wow, I was a much better mom when my older kids were little. Why is that? No internet?;) Now I am terrified that as smart as #1,2,and 3 are #4 and 5 will be dumb. Because I haven't been as involved with them. It may even be too late for the three year old. And yet here I am. wasting time on the computer. When I should be reading to her or something...

andrea said...

The are so cute....and getting all grown up! How fun to see the comparison. My kids don't like shopping. Mostly because I've always tried to avoid it with them. I'm in denial that I really need to get out and get the school shopping done.

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