Monday, July 13, 2009

Hope's Birthday delights

Hope had a delightful Birthday (i think)

she said yes when i asked her if it was the


so i'll believe that until i hear otherwise.



Hope got a Barbie Bike

(the one with the bike for a barbie to ride on the handle bars! FAAANNCY!)

and then, she got this playhouse. the Rose petal cottage.

which was ridiculously priced at christmas last year

but i saw it on CLEARANCE for $29 bucks at Fry's.

i knew she'd be thrilled, so i got it and toted it around in my trunk for the last couple months.

apparently Pierce was super stoked about it too.



she camped out in it last night. all by herself.

today they've played in it nonstop.

even the big kids have wanted to hang out in it.

i think she had a RAD birthday.

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Scrappy Girl said...

What a cutie...Happy Bday! Rose Petal cottage is so neat...I almost got it on clearance too. I should have...

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Hope! I can't believe she is 5! Seriously lol, Gavin is looking and says "Hope had a party and didn't invite me?!" I am sure he won't stay offended for long ;)! Love the cake and the awesome deal on the presents! I am still toting around a couple things in my trunk trying to decide between bdays and Christmas.

Carie said...

Wow what a pretty girl!

Andrea said...

cool rose petal cottage!! They look like little besties hanging out together! :)

Piper said...

WAY cute!! I want a Rosepetal cottage! It looks easy to clean!
Happy birthday miss 5!!!

Supercool Hotmama said...

Glad she had a great birthday!

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