Sunday, July 12, 2009

bump it up! We got the bump it!

So the bumpits! you've seeen the commercial haven't you? on TV? i bet your kids have, it's on nickelodeon all the time!

i've mentioned my girls obsession with owning them and that they think the NEEEEED THEM!

so i finally got some. and used them and TOOK PICTURES FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE!

they have them at Walmart now in the "as seen on tv section". you get 3 of them for $10. no we didn't get the Hollywood bumpit but whatever. i think after just using the LARGE the hollywood bumpit would be a bit much.

so i picked up a pack on my hot date last night. yes we went on our hot date with the hubs to walmart, where we did our grocery and birthday shopping.

judge me not.

this morning the GIRLS WERE THRILLED that I'd FINALLY purchased the oh so fabulous BUMPITS!

"from FLAT TO FABULOUS in seconds!"

Joy said" so we can bump up our bangs or rock a ponytail! WHOOHOO!"

(do you think she's heard the commercial a few times?)

they immediately started planning who was wearing which one. and on and on!

so i made them all wash their hair (it was 3 days of swimming hair) which might have been a mistake since their hair was so "silky smooth"! (i say that every time i wash their hair, did you ever see," don't mess with the Zohan" ?! yeah it's from that)

anyway, it led to blow drying all of their hair, and then working with the bumpit. which isn't as easy as the commercial leads you to believe, but whatever.

so here we go, i started out on Hope...then Liberty with the large bumpit, and finally got the hang of it by the time i got to Joy's hair .

yes, i did hot roll all of their hair today too. and i LOVE IT! easy, cute fast. love it. there was minor cussing as i burned my fingers with the hot rollers but that happens pretty much every time.

Hope wore the mini bumpit in her mini pony tail. here's her hair from the back.

<span class=

and a front angle. you could hardly tell she was wearing it.

<span class=

i put this picture in because you can see Hope's bow in.

<span class=

finally kind of had my technique down. it's not as easy as the commercial said.

<span class=

Joy was wearing the medium bumpit. and is such a poser as you can tell.

<span class=

Liberty was wearing the LARGE bumpit. and i thought it needed two (the large and the medium) for better volume but we only had one package, and there were tears when i tried to take the 2nd bumpit for Liberty's use.

<span class=

<span class=

i liked 'em and with practice, i think i could totally work these.

i do think i need another set or two. between the 3 girls . the cuter looks use 2 bump its. but no one was willing to go without one , so we could try that out. i'll be trying them more and letting you know again for sure.

but overall i liked the look. they are begging that i will do the bumpit's on the first day of school. i have a feeling i won't have time to do that but we'll see.


Note: the next day we put them in again, but ran into the problem of having to take it out before swimming because it would FOR SURE be a nasty mess to untangle afterward if left in.

so they are definitely just for going or special occasions.

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tammy said...


blah, blah by lindsey said...

loving the bumpits!!!

Jenn said...

How do you feel about me linking via Girly Do's? I have people ask about these often.

SuperCoolMom said...

So cute! And Happy Birthday to Hope!

Andrea said...

wooohooo they ROCKED the bumpits!!! You styled their hair FABULOUSLY!!! Your girls look GorJus!!

Mamarazzi said... the little posers!

My Family said...

Cute hair!!! I might have to buy these and try these, Emily doesn't have much hair though so I am not sure how they would work out.

Becky said...

Looks good--your girls are so excited to use them I can tell.

Leslie said...

I saw these at the store the other day and was so tempted...maybe I will go back and get them!!

The Thomas Family said...

I see these on commercials all the time. How cute that you got them for your girls. Love it. Can't believe Hope is 5. They get big so fast.

andrea said...

Hmmmm....the little girls at my house keep asking for these...I'll think about it. But now I'm leaning a bit closer to doing it.... :)

michelle said...

Right now blogger isn't letting me see the pictures. I have heard of these before. They do sound fun!

Jen said...

Hmmm now I may have to get me some! And they would be for me! I had my doubts, but seriously look so cute in their hair! I Love Liberty's Rockin Pony!

CassiB said...

My girls have been bugging me too. they know the commercial by heart. good to know they are easy once you practice. also good to know that i will need a couple of packs as i have 3 girlies too. Those bows rock! i♡them. and envy your bowmaking abilities.

Shae said...

i'm glad i found your blog and that you had this review! i always see this infomercial when i'm watching TV with my son...he insists that i need one. :) and i've thought about it...but i never buy things off maybe I'll have to venture to Walmart, now that I know a "real" person like them! :)

Janelle said...

I've been wanting one like forever too!! So last night I saw them at Target, but my cheap @ss just couldn't spend the $10 wondering if it really would work just like the commercial! Hmmmm...I think I'm gonna go back and splurge a little!

elle said...

Our walmart doesn't have a TV stuff section, but our walgreens does. I'm currently hurassing them as they sometimes have it, sometimes don't.

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