Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Random delights on a Wednesday!


  • Pierce came up to me without a diaper on like 3 times today. when i went to put his diaper on i asked him who took the other diaper off, and he said, "Me" so i said ,"oh, YOU? You took off your diaper?" he said ,"NO! ME!" we went back and forth, me saying , "yes you,Pierce took off your diaper??!" and he kept arguing, "no ME! " funny guy!

  • if i don't drink a route 44 ice water with Extra ice i feel barfy and gross all evening long. apparently i get mildly dehydrated daily? i guess so. it's so dang hot

  • I would seriously have no idea how hot it really is outside, except people keep whining about it on Facebook. Since i keep my air at 74 and have gone Vampire, (meaning i don't leave the house in the light of day unless I'm going to the pool.) Being a life long ARIZONAN I've learned to avoid the light of day in the middle of the Summer! Plus knowing the exact Temp doesn't make it cooler, in fact the knowledge makes it feel hotter than hell. Seriously, I'm better off not knowing.

  • I went on a Date tonight with the hubs, to Culver's . it was DELIGHTFUL! i had a friend tell me about it on the 4th of July, and then another friend blogged about her addiction to their Turtle sundae and that was the end of it immediately i asked the hubs out and we were on our way! WHOOHOO! i can think of at least 3 other people I'll have to take there that would LOVE IT!

  • Joy is now unimpressed with the Bumpit's commercial. she actually told off the TV when the commercial came on tonight, "we already have that, now shut up!" when before she'd be so excited to come tell me all about them.

well that's what's been going on around here.


(I'm gonna go get a drink of water.)

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Scrappy Girl said...

Our AC is currently broke but luckily the temps have been DELIGHTFUL here...I am actually enjoying the fresh air. I can't stand to be hot!

tammy said...

Joy is cracking me up!! That is hilarious!

CassiB said...

I feel the same way about the weather.
LOVE Culver's! David was out that way on a job and got some soon after it opened. it has become a date place (there are only a few) there strawberry shakes are so yum! and their crinkle fry's are actually crispy! which is hard to find. the onions rings like melt in your mouth.
I'm right with you on the water thing. i have been feeling kinda yucky lately and realized that i haven't been drinking enough water lately, duh.

Ruthie Girl said...

I have loved Culver's since I went to college in WI.

Love it and the butter burgers.

Belle said...

I am for sure checking out Culver's. CassiB made my mouth water describing the food! YUM!

Belle said...

I am for sure checking out Culver's. CassiB made my mouth water describing the food! YUM!

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