Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the brightside of Strep throat

strep throat anyone? care to share my beverage?

oh you know you want to take a DEEP SWIG of my cool refreshing beverage.

you might get strep throat in the bargain. is that cool with you?

sure. come over and take a sip!

i started feeling the heat and the burn of the beginnings of strep, late last night.

and since the hubs has a confirmed case and well, ya know , there was some wink wink nudge nudge (including kissing) during that contagious but non symptomatic time period, i was unknowingly exposed.


so i went to see the DR. where I'd been due to visit to get results from my most recent labs.

i love to kill two birds with one stone when i can so it was excellent timing.

darn it! who knew I'd come home with

a sinus infection,

strep throat

and an assortment of abnormal labs

with a forthcoming referrals for a future visit to assorted specialists.


the dread of future labs, further testing and a plethora of Dr. Visits has settled in.

ACKKK! {Grumble, moan, whiny, whine!}

I'm not especially worried about the abnormal labs (they have been abnormal in the past.)

I dread the inconvenience.

what does this all mean that crap is cropping up? (again)

Just as my freedom from the kids is in sight (6 kids in school most of the time), i have an overwhelming feeling my free time will be wasted at Dr. Visits. and the Lab. i've done that before and that wasn't how i planned on spending my newly aquired free time.

the loss of that freedom is more likely to bring me to tears than my stupid labs.


i came home to sit down at my computer and look up the various wording of the offending labs.

my information gathering begins. and i begin to arm myself.

because i believe an informed patient, is a smart patient.

i don't jump onto the worst case scenario.

i look the information up so i can ask intelligent questions when the chance comes .

Then i go lay down for a nap.

DUDE! I've got a headache and my throat burns. (don't judge me!)

funny but the Hubs snuck upstairs before me and is laying down , because being sick has wiped him out also apparently!

the kids entertain themselves while mom and dad are sick in bed.
Pierce lays down between us, and takes a nap.

i got up an hour later, but i'm not in the mood to cook and the dishes are overwhelming as it is i don't want to add to that nightmare right we picked up dinner at Sonic, while picking up my prescriptions.


and i'm feeling a little WHINY {{wah wah wah}} for even mentioning it.

i'm gonna move past this now though and take on my everything is fine, nothing to worry about attitude again.

no sense in bemoaning things i can't change, and worrying about stuff prematurely.

(After this post, sheesh)

on the brightside , i had a legitimate excuse to NOT HAVE the kids mega sleepover tonight, because both of the adults in the house are contagious and ill!

RAD who knew there was a brightside to being sick?

I did!

I can {{almost}} always find the silver lining. can you?

hope you are having an AWESOME THURSDAY!

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CassiB said...

That stinks! But cool you have an excuse not to share your tasty swig with anyone. Just be sure to schedule appts. before 11 and after 1 and your all set, you can still do luches!
Really I hope all your labs turn up ok! =)

Becky said...

I hate strep throat--I hope you get better quick!

Janelle said... poor thing, I'm prone to strep throat and the older i get the harder it is to deal with! Hope you get better soon!

Scrappy Girl said...

Hope you feel better soon!

andrea said...

Hope you feel better quick, and the labs normalize without any problems! Hang in there! :)

mom2three said...

no fun!!! I never knew there was an upside to strep...but not having a bunch of kids running around...well other than your own offspring that is...well that is a good thing in my book!
Get better soon :)

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