Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My first day in Pictures...crazymama goes back to school

I said i wasn't taking pictures of my first day of school. ( my first day in like 11 and a half years. )
but i have a fab friend that suggested i should do it from my perspective. and here we are. a glimpse into my first day back in college. i know you've been dying to know how it went!

i had a fabulous first day back in school!

yeah baby! what was i worried about?

oh yeah! i was totally worried about.....

being the oldest?

being the fattest?

being the ugliest?

and the uncoolest?

remember i was stressed about what to wear?

i went with my uniform. black shirt, capri's , crocs flip flops. and while we took pictures i remembered i forgot earrings. so i grabbed some and left.

sorry you missed the picture.
i just couldn't hack it on here for forever.

i drove Pierce to school. on my way to school.

i was slightly nervous but the liquid sanity on the way helped. that and hearing my fave song come on the radio as i drove.

i got a great parking place. and was early to class. i sat in the FRONT desk.
and doodled to kill time. checked my facebook and email from my phone.

see my bags? i was going to leave my bag in the car,
to avoid the retarded luggage look,

ya know! Carrying a purse, and bag.
it always looks like someone thinks they are packing for a long trip.
it's one of my pet peeves.

i went as far as leaving it in the car.

I had a folder , a notebook and my purse. but realized as i was about to cross the crosswalk to class from my car, i left my cell phone in the front seat. i needed it, so when i went back to retrieve my security blanket CELL PHONE , so i brought the bag. since I'd dropped my pen lid, forgot my phone, and had slippery folders. and i didn't want to go back to the parking lot in between classes so better to have too much then not enough.

this may be the only time i use it. until i have more to carry. another semester. i didn't need it.

my first class was English 102 with it's big research paper no tests and no final.
3 papers due. 2 small ones and a big final paper.

i have to come up with a topic.
there were a few older people in there and a fat guy! sweet!

Then i went and killed time attempting to get in to seek advisment.
but after 50 minutes i bailed and went to class.

deciding that once i got in I'd need more than 5 minutes to discuss whatever,
and i had class in 10.

but it was NOT WASTED TIME...
it was some good people watching i saw-
  • a group of 3 trailer park residents , one didn't have a bra on. NICE!
  • One kid had his shirt hiked up under his backpack and i could see his underwear. like 3/4 of his butt was exposed.
  • a super fat lady in a tank top. and a small backpack. (you know the look)
  • a few 15 year olds. ok so they probably just graduated but they looked like they were 15
  • and i made friends with the old ladies that volunteer to direct people where to go.
I'll try again another day for advisement. it's not urgent.

so i headed over to my 2nd class.

I'm taking retard math. I call it retard math (mostly because i feel like a retard for taking it) but it's technically called Basic arithmetic.

so today we covered all of the things that i think Paxton is covering in 3rd grade. whole numbers, place value, rounding, addition and subtraction.



i need to build up to higher math levels.
i'm rusty , and was never a math whiz.
i'm totally mathtarded
and i could totally use a refresher.

the math teacher looks all of 25? he might be SLIGHTLY older.
but he's not older than me (at the ripe old age of 32)

it kinda killed me he was so young, so i snagged a camera phone pic of him .

if you know him don't tell him i did that. I know it's dorky.

in this class there were other older students, and even a grandpa looking guy ( totally over 65) with white hair.
there were a few others that were obviously 30 plus also.

we got out early which was rad.

and here was the view of my 2 buildings i had classes in.
(from the parking lot)
there were some nice clouds this afternoon.

but it was as always HOTTER THAN HADES!

I came home and baked Cookies with Pierce . he was super excited. and the big kids were stoked for a treat when they walked in the door.

Tonight i have girls night out. we are going to see Post Grad. so that should be a delightful end to a good day.

apparently so far i can go to school and do it all still. (and by all i mean what i've always managed to do or not do depending on who you talk to.)

that and the fact i don't have homework yet.

oh and i'm only taking 6 credit hours. because the other science class and lab didn't go towards my degree, and i'm not taking gratuitous classes.

I'm taking only the ones that really count towards my degree program. thus the appointment with the adviser. i want the most direct route possible.
and there we are.

my first day. including pictures.

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Jen said...

Yay for a fab first day!! Glad it went so well and you feel good about it! Love the pics!!

Anonymous said...

Happy first day of school! You look great and I love the backpack.
It's totally cute and definitely you. Oh, and thanks for referring to me as your fab friend. You're FAB too!

WishTrish said...

Fabulous! So, what's your degree of choice?

Becky said...

Great day! Hopefully the rest of the semester will go just as well.

CassiB said...

Glad you had a rad first day. you looked fab as always!

Jenn said...

i am going back to school too and I really loved your perspective thank you

mom2three said...

ahhhh, your day sounded great! I am a math tard too! I am so glad that I took my college math requirements 10 years ago because if I had to do it now I think I'd fail!
Love the bag and outfit...I love classes where there are no tests and just writing papers, those are the bestest ever.
Glad your day went well ;)

Scrappy Girl said...

You looked great on your first day of school! Glad you had a good one...

Carie said...

I'm sorry, but no one gets to call themself a math retard except me! I was in college and the first day the teacher handed out a paper and said this was a review paper and it was so easy, and I couldn't even do one of the problems! I tore up the paper and walked out and went and bought food instead, and dropped the class!
In high school I took Geometry 2 years in a row, and finally the teacher just gave me a D out of pity because she felt so sorry for me!
Hey, so you really took pictures IN class? Didn't it make a sound when you took it of the teenager, aka the teacher? Your bag is quite the cute bag though, so that looked promising!

Laurie M. said...

Congrats on the first day of school!

andrea said...

YAY! Sounds great. The talk of a research paper makes my brain hurt for you though.....not a research paper fan! Oh, and I had to take the remedial math, and that was when I was straight out of HS! The ONLY way I made it through College Algebra is that I had the awesome teacher that realized that not everyone is gifted in math. So when I had to retake my bombed tests, I'd go to his office and he'd give me hints to remind me how to get through the equations. Best math teacher EVER! Everyone loved Mr. Uluave (Tongan, I think....)

Wendy Phelps said...

Whoo! Hoo! What a day!

Andrea said...

YAY!!! You did it!!! You have survived your FIRST day! Love the sneaky camera phone pics!!! So, they lettin' high school students teach at college now? hee hee That teacher does look young!

Awesome sittin' next to you during Post Grad. It was so cute & funny!! Hope you're having FUN at the *after party* w/o me. LOL I'm still trying to wrangle kids in bed. Have a RAD week :)

the haynie's said...

Awesome to have the first over with and out of the way, now you can start to enjoy yourself! BTW, I never thought you were retarded at any subject, I thought you just didn't apply yourself... but I could have had it backwards :) Now you get the chance to do it your way! Enjoy it while you can!!

Ruthie Girl said...

Looks like a good day. I totally had a 70 year old in nursing school with me reminding me that is was never too late to switch careers.

Amy said...

OK, you're totally making me feel better about going to school. My hubby is trying to talk me into starting next semester but I want to wait until my baby is in 1st grade. I have every single anxiety that you've listed in your last few posts. I just need to get over it and do it! Thanks Crazymama!

jayna said...

love it!! so fun! can't wait for more updates...

onehm said...

WAHOO! Love the first day photos, especially the picture of your 12-year-old math prodigy teacher...

Glad the day was successful!

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