Tuesday, August 25, 2009

my last vestiges of normalcy

Thanks for the love that people left in the comments. it means a ton that people think i can do this.{ sheesh do i have you people fooled! ;) }

it's also a relief to know that some of you were nervous about being the oldest one in the class. or just plain going to the first day of school.

as far as what i really got accomplished with my last day of freedom?

well as always i overestimate myself.

my ideal is more perfect than my actual performance level.

instead of cooking a well balanced meal? the kids had frozen chicken nuggets.

instead of baking a delightful homemade treat, they had ice cream.

and instead of cleaning all day i went shopping with my sidekick. (it was his idea)

let's face it 12 years of habits aren't gonna go away just because suddenly, i said i might maximize my stay at home motherhood/domesticity.

plus i had exchanges to make , last minute basics to buy . a violin rental to pick up and prescriptions to drop off. and pick up again.

but i might have savored my fresh from the bath toddler a little longer than normal.

we MIGHT HAVE had Icee's and popcorn for lunch, just for fun, and instead of rushing and getting irritated at the store, when he wanted to walk i let him, and followed him around.

Oh and i packed my bag, but no there won't be pictures! ;) but my stuff is fabulous.

it was a normal day. my last vestiges of normalcy.

i'm stressing now about what to wear the first day!

jeans and a fab t-shirt? a comfy yet fashionable maxi dress? capri's and a blingy top?

my uniform of a black top and jeans, flip flops, chunky necklace, flashy earrings and big sunglasses?

dressing the kids was way less stress.

gosh i wish i had a tutu! it would make the choice soooo much easier!

what would you wear on your first day back to college?? (imagine it's you and tell me about your outfit)

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Scrappy Girl said...

Oh I like to imagine something so cool and chic on a skinnier me...but if I am being truthful and real...it would probably be my uniform...denim skirt and a striped tshirt. LOL!

elle said...

I worn my verson of a uniform. Jean shorts and a plain blue t-shirt. So boring, but then again, it didn't look out of place...like this one chick with her, i swear, 3 inch nails and BRIGHT color TIGHT clothes.


What would I wear? A really scared out of my wits look on my face!!
Good Luck!!!!!

KaraLyn said...

I just started yesterday (and loved it SOOOOOOOO much)... as for a back to school outfit... mine was my classic black tee and jeans w/ tenny runners... lab night... no flip flips :( Good luck and let us know how it goes!

the haynie's said...

I don't have much to choose from these days because all my fancy clothes are waiting to hand washed! That leaves the fusia v-neck with white under-T and jeans, of course. and yes, flip flops! Good luck. Go simple and maximize on your fab accessories ;)

sherry said...

Less is more I think. Go comfortable. I remember college. We all looked like we had been out too late the night before;) A little scraggly is good, provided you are still well groomed. I go for jeans and a t shirt. And a little jewely never hurts....

Carie said...

Ya know, I would just make a statement and go in my swimsuit and tank top! Yeah, howdy! Let us know how old you end up feeling sitting there with 18 year old's, hey maybe it's cougar time (well your a little young to be one), but you know what I mean!

jayna said...

i am so excited for you. what an adventure. (and i know because it took me 7 years to complete my bachelors... and no, i'm no doctor). honey, you've got way more than those young punks ever will. you just remember how many cheerleaders you have standing behind you. my mom was in her 40's when she went back to school. it's ok!! i'm so proud of you for going for this. its not gonna always be easy and homework and assignments can be overwhelming, but girl, you have dealt with a ton before, you can do this. and what an accomplishment when you are all finished. besides, what an example to all your little kiddos. think how proud of you they will all be. know that i love your trash. i truly do. and if there is ever anything i can do to help you, you just let me know...

as for the first day outfit. i'd be wearing my mediterranean blue cap sleave a-line knee length dress with white embroidery and a burnished gold and blue glass bead necklace. :) but i've never met a black t-shirt and jeans that i didn't like.


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