Friday, August 14, 2009

Neapolitan ice cream

today while i was doing hair...

Hope went in and told the hubs this...

i love the color pink , and mommy loves the color pink. and i love mommy.
i love you too, but i love mommy more than i love you, because she loves the color pink too."

i think she gets cuter every day.

well i think everyone is pretty cute.

(here are some 3rd day pics.)

here is a self pic of me riding the short bus. see my sunglasses in the top right hand corner?
yup that's all i'm sharing.


I laid out today while i was all alone.(NO i didn't lay out nude)

i'm trying to eliminate my halter strap tan lines. brown and white stripes aren't all that cute. when they don't match all of your outfits.

SO since i was alone, i could lay out with my strap off because no one was going to grab onto me and pull down my swim suit. so i took a book and hit my mom's pool.

i was the only one there. it was silent. and oh so relaxing. the water was cool and inviting.

and before i had to get pierce i had a couple hours of soaking up the rays.

THEN when i got home and the bus was there, and i was still in my suit (hi, nice to meet you new busdriver, it was a pleasure meeting you in my bathing suit with considerable visible cleavage and my towel)

i was horrified to have to retrieve him from the bus in that outfit or lack of one. (at least the bus driver was tongan , maybe he can appreciate a curvy girl in a swimsuit) i can call myself curvy. i just did. i had typed big but that is not a term i like used to describe me. so curvy it is.

anyway. since i was already wet, i decided i'd take Pierce back with me to the pool and let him swim with me alone for once. (while i worked on my tan lines) he had fun jumping in , counting the tiles on the step. and just hanging out with mom.

well that was a couple hours too. so now?

Crazymamaof6's chest resembles Neapolitan ice cream

you know the ice cream -brown, pink and white?

but now my cleavage is looking Neapolitan.

brown/tan everywhere the sun hit this summer , pink- where i got new color trying to fill in the white lines and then WHITE everywhere where the sun don't shine.

I'm feeling the burn for sure.

pictures will not be coming to demonstrate the resemblance.

but I'm sure you can imagine the wonder.


then, tonight we went on our standard Friday night date.


heavenly day. i like mine with no cheese, no ranch. extra pico, and mango salsa. just mango salsa.

the people that work the line there. know what i want without me even asking, NOW.
that fact right there embarrasses me.
i don't know why it does , but it just does.

i won't even go into my embarrassment of my hunt for my cell phone(to get a text) in front of everyone at costa vida. I'll just say i thought i lost it in my BRA(you know i keep it in there) and well. that was embarrassing too.

we were gonna hit a movie too but decided against it since we missed the early showing , and didn't want to stay out too late watching the late showing , we didn't want to get the kids off schedule again. and stay out late.

i plan on staying on the school schedule over the weekend so we don't mess up our routine.

you should have heard the arguments and displeasure at this new weekend routine.

"but it's not a school night! whahhhhhh"

now i'm thinking we should have gone out because people are still awake.
and it's 10:40. dang it.
i think i'm gonna hafta open up a can of whoopa$$.

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Ruthie Girl said...

I have so been there with the neo ice cream. Great analogy.

Devri said...

oh my word, this post cracked me up! thanks, and love that your bus driver is Tongan, we probably know him, or should I say my hubbs.. What it is name?

CassiB said...

so sad there is not going to be a pic =(. lol. good job with sticking to the school sched. we don't but then ours aren't really night owls anyway. they usually stay up an hour or so. may 10:30 at the latest. last night we bbq'd with my sisters so we were all up till 11. and they actually slept in today. woohoo. i have to admit i've never had costa vida. only Jen's version of the pork. David isn't so adventurous with food, and we don't go out often, so when we do it is to the usual spots.

tammy said...

I love the things Hope says.

Isn't it nice to have that alone time? Best thing ever!

onehm said...

AAAAHHHH, yes. The Neapolitan summer look. Love it.

Can you believe I've never been to Costa Vida?? :)

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