Saturday, August 15, 2009

Crazymama's Saturday...

including playland review and mini movie review.

Saturday's are always busy but some are busier than others.

this week-

i hit costco on the way ...

to a baby shower for a bunko friend....

then drove straight to EXTREME PLAY in mesa ,to meet the family.

then straight to the grocery store....

then home to unload the groceries....

where i picked up 4 kids ,to drop off 1 kid and pick up 2 kids.

then home to drop off 5 kids.

then I ran away for some alone time until i met my fave gals to see The Time Travelers wife.

i browsed 50% off day at 2 different Goodwill's. hit big lots, and then tarjay.

then it was movie time.

I'd read the book, "The Time Traveler's Wife", a few years ago. so i knew the story line but it wasn't fresh in my memory. i totally enjoyed the movie. one of us just couldn't get into the book. the other 2 read it recently. so we all had a little different opinions of how well we liked the movie.

i'd probably see it again. the hubs had decided he didn't want to see it thinking there was too much conflict between the main characters. thinking From the trailer , it would take up too much of the movie but in reality it didn't take too much of it at all. (he's read the book too)

so i might be seeing it again with him later.


Yesterday we tried XTREME PLAY and loved it.

it's a lazy parents paradise. perfect for going with the kids and friends, letting the kids have free reign and just sitting and chatting as adults.

kids 3 and under get in for $5.75 and 4 and up are $8.75. with unlimited time to play.

adults can't play on the giant inflatable slides and obstacle courses. so it's perfect for parents that aren't into bouncing in them. or climbing slides. and there is no whining or disappointment because of lack of adult interaction and play.

there is a cozy couch sitting area with a big screen TV to watch TV or chat. plus benches throughout for hanging around watching the kids play.

a video game area set up with 6 game system stations, including a wii, and several x box. they even had guitar hero (with only one guitar).

all that plus an air hockey table. was included.

there is also a 3 and under bouncy thing, and toddler area that was gated with toys.

each kid gets a numbered wrist band that matches the adult that came with them. and if the kids go through the entrance area, an alarm goes off, so no one is taking your kid, and toddlers escaping are just turned around and sent back to go play. which is awesome, since Pierce wandered out into the lobby a couple times and they sent him back in to play.

i loved that it was a flat rate to get in and it didn't have a bunch of games kids were begging for tokens to play. i really hate wasting money on tokens or wasting quarters to play games.

there is a snack bar where you could buy hot dogs, soft pretzels and pizza by the slice or a whole pizza, drinks (the large includes a free refill) Icees and they had other assorted treats.

i could totally go with friends and let the little kids play while the moms sat and chatted. no outside food or drinks are allowed.

i wouldn't necessarily buy lunch there (because it's expensive) but the kids had a great time with limited supervision.

everything was clean and new. and it was kept cool inside. often kids play places are hot and not very well air conditioned. but this place was pleasantly cool.

i have to say it was the most fun, relaxing play area ever. already the kids are begging to go back.

i totally thought it was a lazy parents paradise.

there are coupons available in the beehive magazine and the mommy clipper. the one in the mommy clipper is good for a dollar off admission.

group rates are available too. (we are thinking family night with cousins)

Monday night is family night and admission is $5 per kid for 3 hours of play

they do have birthday party packages available also.

we'll definitely be going again.

socks are required to play. but if you forget yours they have some available for purchase.

and FYI i'm getting nothing out of reviewing this fabulous play place.

i'm just sharing the wonder with you, my friends. anyone wanna set up a playdate there?

i could totally see myself taking Pierce and meetin' friends. with my coupon it would only be $4.75! FABULOUS!

it's located on Stapley and US 60 next to stratum laser tag.

and that is my Saturday.

i got home at 3:00 am. after chatting with the girls outside the theater. it was a great evening.

and pretty fun busy day.

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Carie said...

No wonder you had a migraine the next day! You packed your saturday full, not to mention getting in at 3am! Sounds fun, sorry I couldn't make it, maybe next time! Ha J/K

My Family said...

I liked the movie too, it was a little choppier than I would have liked it to be but I do realize they had to fit all that into a couple of hours and I didn't like Eric Bana's(or whatever his name is)acting in the movie, he could have done a better job but I loved the girl who played his wife, both the little one and big one :). We should go to that place next week, I know Katherine would have a blast and we could totally sneak food in, I highly doubt the kids would want to eat if they were having a lot of fun so I could bring her a sandwich to eat on the way home. Lets plan it!!!! I had fun last night, it was good to get out, even if it was sooo late :) K, this comment is all over the place, I am very tired.

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