Wednesday, August 26, 2009

oh the things you will think....

ok so not you per say, but me. since yeah, i think stuff. pretty often.


i covet other people's new babies. getting one. having one. has one. wanting one. etc.

i covet.

it's completely irrational and I'm fully aware of that, thank you very much!

and i'm aware that i've been blessed with 6 freaking fabulous kids. and should be happy. and satisfied.

i'm always aware of my lack as a homemaker and a stay at home mom. i don't have fresh from the oven cookies every damn day. or wholesome baked from scratch bread. but who said i have to? to be a decent mom? i don't.

(i aim for mediocrity, decent is great)

the women that do all of those things are fabulous . and amazing. the ones with spotless clean homes and manage to balance the household responsibilities. and stay sane.

well KUDOS to them.

but i love new babies. and all the cute new baby stuff, and the sweet baby coos and smells and looks. and gassy grins .

bonus, the inability to talk back. they don't make messes or run away. or walk at the store.

plus i love to sniff new babies heads, and their spitty necks. (not pukey necks), but the smell of baby spit is somehow more spitty and less grody. so it's ok.

those things i miss. and i never got to do the whole month by month blog updates. and cute pregnancy calculator. so i admit i covet. and damn it all there are new fabulous things out that i never got to own or buy. like pettiskirts for newborns. DANG THEY ARE CUTE!

but i digress, my point of going here wasn't my all consuming love of babies, or my confession that i secretly resent everyone that gets a new baby at their house.

no it's the fact that ....i have maternity wear I've been hanging onto (why i don't know) and well. it's sitting here. and I'm SO TOTALLY READY TO GET RID OF IT!

i brought this up when i found a pile of it (maternity apparel) heaped at the foot of my bed (The hubs had unearthed it in the vortex of Pierce's room while i was at girls night out last night.)

when i brought up the unflattering jeans with the maternity panels, and the horrifying maternity swim suit to the hubs, with my intention of purging the offending apparel, he gave me a surprising response, from the man that holds no value of material things,

what do you think he said?

"well, keep it, there are surprises."

for real?

NO! no surprises. I'm getting rid of that crap and if i happened to ever be blessed with a surprise. I'd buy new fabulous maternity clothes. (which is what i'm sure he's afraid of)

yeah i've been struggling lately with coveting other peoples new bundles of delight. wiggly cooing wonderful bundles.



and now that school is started it was brought to my attention that i can and probably will graduate from school before i turn 40! bonus! i hadn't thought of that.

even if i get more than just an RN i will be done. I'm glad I'm starting now.

that is one RAD THOUGHT!


so that's what I've been thinking of.

that and the displeasure in the fact that the hubs has to travel next week , on days that i planned on him being the parental unit in charge of the little devil during my afternoon class.

what have you been thinking?

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CassiB said...

oh i am so baby hungry. thanks for reminding me.
those moms that have the spotless house and balance, have secrets and problems we don't know or want to know. everyone has something, ours is just more visible.
WHOA can't believe those words came out of his mouth! just knowing there is a sliver of a chance ;).
i love me some new babies too, i smell their little new baby heads too, sometimes i sneak a sniff when noone is looking.

Ruthie Girl said...

What have I been thinking about?

I hope my daughter doesn't have swine flu.

I hope I can look pretty again.

A lot of self doubt.


sherry said...

I got rid of all my maternity clothes. And baby clothes. and baby paraphernalia. And promptly got pregnant. Thus the necessity of a baby shower for baby number watch out! the babies are getting sneakier....

Carie said...

What have I been thinking?
I have lived in my house for almost 4 years now, and it might be time to fully unpack, and to maybe start decorating.
It's finally time to be selfish, but am not too sure how to get started with that one!
If I had a baby now I would probably have to give it up for adoption(j/k)!
Seeing the holiday decorations in the store's literally makes me want to throwup!
If a weekend away is worth all the stess, worry and planning!
Is wondering now if maybe it might be an option to give up 2 of my kids for adoption,and then have another baby, you know kind of a "do-over!"
why I am up at 5 am commenting!

Scrappy Girl said...

Oh that is such a dangerous question to ask...

I am thinking that my husband was a real @#$% last night...he came in and completely ignored the entryway and kitchen I cleaned from floor to ceiling...we're talkin' Martha would eat off the floor...and he went straight to the dining room and had a meltdown that all his "important" papers were piled. I told him this was the room I am doing tomorrow...he proceeded to show me how to be a REAL $#@^&*! Argh.

Taryn said...

I love babies too!! If God hadn't scared me on my first time out of the gate I would be one of those people that always had a baby in the house. I didn't cry when my kids started kindergarten because they still needed me and I could convince myself that theere was still some 'baby' there. I sat in the parking lot and boo-hoo'd when they started first grade because I just couldn't lie to myself anymore. They were kids! I'm still sad knowing that there won't be anymore babies for me. :(

Anonymous said...

I must say I covet your blog! I mean who dosen't want to say all the fabulous things you say? I am thinking.......I can't wait to get on my cruise on Sept.5th! We are going on a Disney Cruise with the kids can't wait!
Lots of Love
PS. I am so impressed with your school attitude!

Wendy Phelps said...

It has been almost 2 years since Abby was born, and my automatic heart felt response when someone tells me they are pregnant, is still "I am so sorry. That is awful."

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