Saturday, September 5, 2009

being a brat and a movie review

Last night was bunko which is always fab.

although there was entirely too much talk about politics, school issues, and medical crud, and not enough dirty talk, gossip or fluff. or maybe that's just me needing to lighten my load, and not dwell on the crap that everyone is always talking about. (or think about my own issues) anyway i think i miss the wild in my wild bunko group.

BUT, i got the cutest prize (it was just a door prize but it's fab, and i'm gonna take some pics and show you the wonder later) it's crafty fabulous for sure and i'm so gonna replicate it.

today i went with some friends hit a movie mid-afternoon. so it's time for ...

Crazymama's movie review on-

All about Steve!

starring Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper. (YUM!)

i liked it. i had low expectations going in, i wasn't totally dying to see it after seeing the preview 10 times in theaters. but i enjoyed it.

i Cackled out loud. there were twists i didn't see coming. Bradley Cooper is pretty dang hot. and the little Asian guy from the Hangover has proved himself to be very versatile. (it's kinda funny how many movies he's in after that delight)

downsides to this movie? um Sandra Bullock's hair was SICK/NASTY. i prefer her natural color.

and my other gripe was , there was quite a bit of the plot where one of the characters was embarrassed, and made to look pathetic or lame. which i don't really mind but the Hubs totally hates. so i was glad he didn't come, or he would have probably hated it thus ruining my enjoyment of it.

there was some language ( i can't say how much as i rarely notice that, and some sexual innuendo and maybe some content? yes some content if you count her being in her bra, and some fondling.)

i wouldn't take my teenager to see it. (if i had one)


alrighty then.

so i was kind of a brat. i admit it. i was waiting to post again until i felt i had sufficient comments on THIS POST

did you read it yet? go, read it , comment , come back. i'll wait.......


there is nothing more frustrating to me than posting something that actually has meaning to me, with deep emotional crap dug up and put out there, and THEN no one commenting.

I'm sorry that i find it offensive. but I'm being honest when i admit i do .

i just don't get how i get people talking about my random posts, or the contents of my purse posts ,or even the blitching posts later when no one comments on anything authentic and valid.

i guess fluff sells? and i like fluff every bit as much as the next person, but COME ON! sometimes it's enough to make me wanna quit blogging.


so enough about that. consider yourself informed. and i'll try not to be such a brat about it. fair?


since that post was JUST about my cancer, i glossed over the fact that my OB was the same one i used every pregnancy, with Private or federally funded welfare. also failed to mention the fact that i had 3 kids in the middle of all that crap. i keep busy. what can i say?

AND i love my medicaid pediatrician enough that i still take my kids to her even now with private insurance. sure the office isn't the best, cleanest or fanciest and the wait time kinda sucks sometimes, BUT i love the dr. she takes her time with us, checks out the other kids while i'm there and after all these years , i kind of consider her a friend. so i'm willing to put up with the other drawbacks of her practice. plus i hate going through the whole new patient process. so she's gonna hafta quit me before i quit going to her.

and while the whole ordeal TOTALLY SUCKED (seriously go read that or this won't even begin to make sense) , i learned some excellent things. sure it was learned the hard way, but i seem to learn everything better that way.

  • i learned to be my own advocate. to ask for what i want, to be proactive in my own treatment.
  • I learned to get copies of all of my own labs every get every pathology report, ultrasound reports and any other reports and even get copies of films or CD's of CT scans or pet scans . they are handy to have for later reference, and it's easier to get it right away than later when it's not in the system or stored somewhere else. immediately is better.
  • I learned patients have rights to all of their own medical records. plus, it's extra handy to bust out a lab report when you see multiple Dr.s that might not get all of your info ahead of time.
  • if you stop seeing a Dr. get a copy of your charts asap. so you have it for the next dr. ,again it's easier to get it up front than it is later. trust me.

so yeah i found the bright side even with that crap. yay me.

plus my crappy experience just might help someone else make their process go smoother. and hey i survived. i kicked cancer's trash even though it took longer than i'd like. and i learned something in the process.

and i'm on the fence on the health care reform deal i need some more information, and i don't want bipartisan biased uber fanatical info. i want accurate information which there might not be much of right now.

i admit some valid points were made on and off the comments. and I'll say i don't want health care reform if it makes all medical coverage like my cancer experience. but i wouldn't be sad if i could never be overcharged or dropped for insurance because I'm considered high risk. and i am high risk for more reasons than my cancer. so there we are.

just putting it out there the whole, i had cancer. and i used welfare and my dr sucked was hard enough for me.

well, thoughts?

All about Steve - are you gonna go see it?

what do you think about people being continuously embarrassed in movie situations?

when you go out do you want to just talk about fluffy subjects(e.g. gossip, fashion, sex) or do you wanna talk about harder issues (parenting, politics, school stuff?)

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CassiB said...

i probly won't see all about steve. david isn't interested and i don't like to hear him complain while at the movies as we don't go that often.
i so like to talk about fluffy stuff. i have enough crap to deal with it's not good to keep bringing it up. unless it's crap that can be solved by bringing it up, savvy? sorry i didn't comment on your last post i read it but then got distracted and didn't come back to comment.

CassiB said...


jayna said...

hello! ok, so i just commented on the last 4 or so of your posts. (i haven't had a chance to read them until now). i'm just telling you because as much as you like getting comments, i like mine to be read. ;) and i'm glad i posted on your cancer story BEFORE i read this post... its funny to see that we have similar thoughts about it, is all. know that you are much loved.

Leslie said...

I will watch all about steve probably when it comes out on DVD...I think my Jacob looks alot like Bradly Cooper.

I had read your previous post and I didn't leave a message mostly because I didn't know what to say. I am not well informed enough on the health care reform deal and just didn't want to say something dumb.

But I don't think it is fair to be treated diferently based on what insurance you have. Now that we are off ahcccs and have private insurance, I can see a difference on how we are treated.

However we still take the kids to the same Doctor. For me and being pregnant and the treatment I am getting is different though.

And you totaly have every right to be a brat which I don't think you were. I hate it when I post stuff and the same 2 people comment. I think that is why I have neglected my family blog.

Thanks for sharing your story with everyone, it does help to open peoples eyes to the negative side welfare.

Becky said...

I was not impressed with the trailer for What About Steve. But maybe for a girls night I will go see it. I am a bit behind on my movies right now. I just barely saw Julie & Julia yesterday (which I really liked--that Meryl Streep can transform herself like no one else out there).

SuperCoolMom said...

I deal with too much reality, so generally when I go out, I just want fluff. I also only what fluff in my reading and my movies.

Amy said...

When I am out with the girls, I don't want anything going on but laughter, giggling and the occasional "Oh my gosh, I'm going to pee my pants!" because we are laughing so hard. Serious stuff happens all day long. When I go out, I want to have fun!

Amy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
My Family said...

I L.O.V.E.D. all about steve, thanks for coming!!! I might have liked it better than the average person because I am love with the man (B.C.) *sigh* I might see it again :). I agree about Bunko, the talk was too serious, we will need to steer clear of those topics next time.

Are You Serious! said...

♥ I'm not sure I've heard of that movie! I'm going to google it now! :)

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