Sunday, September 6, 2009

Joy's sweet 16 party plans.

after dinner the kids were playing out back. Joy came in to report that Liberty had decided on what she wanted for her birthday (a month away) the next thing Joy said was, "gosh she's been talking about it forever, it's like a month away. " (eye roll) and in the next breathe,

"so for my sweet 16 party, i wanna have it here at the house?! K?!"

we about died! (me , the hubs and my mom).

she's freaking 7. and she's exasperated with Liberty whose birthday is next month, but it's perfectly alright to plan her 16th birthday party that is 9 {NINE} freaking years away.

this kid kills me! apparently she discusses her sweet 16 party on a regular basis with the hubs. AWESOME.

but then again, it should come as no shock, she talks about getting married and who she wants to kiss all the time too. RAD.


then , today during Primary they were talking about the importance of family home evening (a night designated to be together as a family , usually on a monday night, and often involves a lesson)

Joy chimed in and announced , "every once in awhile we have that" . the hubs said all adult eyes turned to him, made eye contact, smiled, winked. i'll bet her teachers get an earful all about the wonder of what goes on at our house. LOVE. IT.

Joy is hilarious. and always keeps us entertained.


i did my Lame math homework tonight. nothing like fractions to make a mom feel like a RETARD. (pronounced ReTARD like in The Hangover) .

super bonus? i totally spaced taking the first freaking quiz in my dang math class. SERIOUSLY?

this online crap with little actual class mention of homework and quiz taking is all new to me.

and fractions? kicked my trash today. sad.


do you have Super fun labor day plans?

me i'm hitting SAVERS 50% off day. because i like cheap crap.

And CRAP! i just looked that up to verify the accuracy of my assumption and it opens 1 hour earlier! i better head to bed. I'm barely gonna get 4 hours of sleep before i have to get up and go to SAVERS!

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CassiB said...

that Joy cracks me up!! too funny. my missy is the one that spills all the family beans. at baptism preview for her sis, a few years back, she tells the group we were sitting with (like 3 families) that "today after church my dad was putting trix in my moms shirt, you know in the front" i about died!! it was harmless he accidentally did it once, then thought it was funny and kept doing it. just made me wonder what else she has shared.
sorry you have such a hard time in math. my bad subject is english. which drives me crazy. i think just about everyone has a subject that they are not so good at.
no fun plans today i babysit the twins today. but when they go home i might go to joanns and look at halloween costume patterns. then tonight we will bbq and swim.

Scrappy Girl said...

No big Labor Day plans...we did "big" stuff this weekend. Manga Dork has a vball game today.

tammy said...

You always talk about those fab Savers sales and I still have not made it to one.

That girl cracks me up. At least she has goals - lol!

Becky said...

At the jr high parent info evening the math teacher had a math problem involving fractions. I got it wrong. So that means I am a reTARD as well. Welcome to the club.

Amy said...

Fractions, ICK! I really should know them better because I cook all the time but I seem to have forgotten the concept. Maybe when my son brings home math homework about fractions I can learn with him. Here's hoping anyway.

Lindsey said...

I spent my day (all day) cleaning up. So I could deep clean tomorrow. All the while kids were undoing it.

My brother in law told me my fil who has been horrible to deal with lately (crisis will do that to people) a "full retard". Apparently if I had seen the movie it would help me ignore him. Maybe I better rent it. LOL!

Laura said...

opps its Laura signed in as Lindsey.

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