Thursday, September 10, 2009

excuse me while i blather on about my day...

i had an abnormally productive day on Wednesday.

I took a math test.
then did dishes, laundry, sweeping, shuffle mopping. cooking a real dinner, grocery shopping. toilet scrubbing, etc.

plus we had after school rockband time with the kids.

It's seriously super cute hearing my 5 year old singing
"We all live in a yellow submarine."

all the productivity was just so i could party down and play some Beatles Rockband with my fave gals. let me tell you, it was the most fun i've had in a LOOOOONG While!

(ok well most fun since last week anyway.)

so fun.

we had yummy treats. i sang, no guitar for me tonight. this new game has harmonizing or solo play on vocals. we did AWESOME .

i can't believe it's Thursday already. {sigh}.

i mean yay Thursday. i have class. wheeeee.

Oh and all 6 kids are home from school today. i think we may be the only family that has kids bawling because they are sick and have to stay home.


i admit i try extra hard to make them think twice about missing but when they really are sick? they freak. (even if they don't lose any privileges like normal if they miss for something other than being totally ill, if they are )

it's abnormal.

# 1 has a sore throat. -so he's wailing that he wants to go to school.

#2 has an ear ache and bawled to me about it , yet she bawled about missing Orchestra, and P.E.

#3 puked in the last 15 minutes of school yesterday, i think it's safe to assume they don't want him even though he's fine today.

#4 sore throat. freaked because it's her true love's birthday today.

#5 is technically fine but she faked a cough and would have thrown a fit if i sent her while everyone else stayed home.

#6 might be sick, we don't know. so he scored a free day too. just in case

i am really excited about going to class today now.

the hubs gets to deal with the fun here. which means i might come home to trashed house ( he passively supervises from the office while working from home) . I happily run the risk of that,, even though it just got tidied yesterday by yours truly.

Since I hate to miss another boring lecture and some new basic math skills I'm going.

WHOOHOO! this back to school thing is paying off.

FYI i scored 100% on my first math test. and no it doesn't diminish the wonder at all that my math class is basically for simple minded folk/5th graders.

nope! it doesn't take the thrill and feeling of accomplishment away AT. ALL. i'm easily satisfied (as far as that goes)


how's it going with you?

its there anything exciting ya wanna share with the class?

how do your kidlets react to staying home sick?

Note: I like to make the kids think twice about missing because as a kid i never wanted to go to school. made up reasons to stay home. faked sick, whined and cried about going always. etc. all through jr. High and high school i stayed home at least 1 day a month 2 if i could swing it, just because i couldn't hack going when i had my 'visit from aunt flo' . i missed once because i had a bad hair day, and because my pancreas hurt. (i got to stay home not because i was really sick, but because i got points for creativity from my mom.)

so being the hypocrite i am, i make it unpleasant to stay home for any other reason than illness.
like if they just freak out and want to stay home, well no privileges for them, no computer, no TV, no video games. we warn them they will be grounded from all screens. they can read, lay around, nap. if they are truly sick they don't mind. if they aren't sick at all they'd rather go to school. if they are belligerent, or bored? they get to do chores.

today is a a free day for the herd. just for prevention most of them get to stay home, so no privileges lost. and yet still BAWLING.

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Scrappy Girl said...

This back to school business is making me I see how some parents let their children drop out...LOL...just joking...kinda.

andrea said...

Amazingly enough, my kids haven't gotten sick yet this past history always has a kid or two sick in the first couple of weeks every stinking year, so this is quite refreshing that they are still healthy. Of course, I do realize I have just cursed myself by declaring the above. :)

My kids always seem to have crappy timing when they are sick, meaning they are missing out on a field trip, special visitor (like the Fire Truck coming) or special days like "muffins for mom". So yes, there are definite tears. On regular days....not so much. My now 2nd grader really tried to play the system last year and called frequently asking to come home because she was "sick" sickness, she was just bored sitting in class and wanted to come home and play Wii or some other such silliness. That got tiresome.

CassiB said...

that's funny you say that andrea. i was just saying that the other day, it is so true we usually get sick after a week or two. here we went a month. and then early yesterday morning my littlest on puked. i had been feeling crappy too but figured it was little sleep/stress. nope i got a fever and yucky tummy too. not fun i get all their sicknesses and the sucky part is being sick for one day takes a week for me to get over. blah.
i think it's safe to say 4/6 are sick they should all stay home. i bend the rules too. if you have a fever or have actually thrown up you can watch a little tv or a movie. like you Julie i was the expert at staying home so i know all the tricks. today #2 said she didn't feel good. and tried to stay, i found out she couldn't find shorts once i did she was fine. lol, the drama. i think she figured since Megan has to stay home due to fever in the last 24hrs. she would be watching tv. and if she stayed home too she would be able to by default. DENIED.

sherry said...

I really want to try that beatles rock band some time. Sounds fabulous. My kids don't really like to stay home. In fact my one and only boy almost never misses school. He seems to be immune from any and all illness. We all get sick and he is just fine. Last year he didn't miss a single day and wasn't late once. He is a little anal and likes it that way. Until we went to the beach house. He had no qualms about missing school then...Last year I would keep Kindyl home some mornings to take the baby so I could sleep. If I got her to schoolby 10:30 she was only tardy. I got a 2 hour nap and she got to take her time getting ready. While taking care of the baby. Mother of the year? That's me....

Wendy Phelps said...

Yuck day! Throwing up is the worst! No,wait, cleaning up someone else's throw is the worst! I have started puking myself when that happens.

Andrea said...

Hope the munchkins are feeling better! I totally make staying home NOT FUN when the kids are sick. I tell them that if they are really sick, then they need to get plenty of rest in bed! No computer. No video games. No friends after school. Limited tv time. I know. I'm the meanest mom ever! LOL

Ahhh The Beatles sound FUN!!!! I wanna play! You know I'll strap on the guitar if you want to sing!! :)

Cara said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your whole family is sick! That's a bummer. When my kids are home sick they can't watch tv and have to stay mostly in their rooms (if they are slightly faking it). I'm freaked out about the swine flu so I'm loading my kids up with vitamins and liquid herbs and such to ward off any sickness. So far it's helping. I also am a freak about washing hands which I have never been before. Good luck this week I hope they get better soon♥

Cara said...

Oh, and do you pay extra for your site meter or do you just use the free one?

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