Saturday, September 12, 2009

no matter what it sounds like...




sometimes you have one of those delightful kind of days.

you sleep in,

you have a delightful lunch date,

a little pampering in the form of a haircut and gossip therapy with your stylist (friend)

a hot date with the hubs to dinner,

and then an evening of Guitar hero 5 - with the ladies.

you get home after (ahem) 4:00 am.

it doesn't get much better. right?

I have the perfect social calendar. great friends. cute kids. mad skills.

if that's all ya see.

but it can be improved upon.

maybe if I came home to a clean house (instead of a trashed one) , a freshly changed little kid (instead of a saggy diapered poopy one) , and no sassy mouthed tweens aggravating you. (the kind that throw mud clods at the house and then lie when you go out to "discuss" it with them.)

and maybe a little more attentive husband instead of the phone permanently attached to his ear, who only talks about work when you are together. work work work. kind of hubs.

I'm sure he'd prefer a holly homemaker OCD /neat freak that cleans all day and makes delectable fresh from scratch meals 3 times a day, to the desperate housewife that's addicted to her blog , that doesn't do laundry often enough and only cleans for parties and even puts that off until the last minute.

so no matter what i might sound like sometimes....

REAL Life, is not ideal for anyone.

it's all in what i want you to see.

now a video game review

after playing both Rockband Beatles and the recently released Guitar Hero 5. i have to say i'm wishing i had guitar hero 5. it has the capability to play any instrument combo. everyone can play guitar, or everyone can sing. we played teams guitar and bass against guitar and bass.the best part was 4 of us got to play guitar at once. no one was stuck singing, and no one got stuck playing drums.

i prefer the louder faster paced songs to the more mellow Beatles songs, and graphics. plus, the guitar hero game is a little more challenging as far as playing goes.

it's my opinion , group play GH5 is more fun.

but if you are offended by immodest graphics, and inappropriate lyrics, go for Beatles Rockband.

it's all Beatles. no bare midriffs or frequent expletives were used in the production of Beatles Rockband. it's perfect for prudes, Beatles fans, and younger kids to play.

and that is my opinion on 2 new super fun games. they are both fun, one is just less exciting to me than the other.

today's plans? kids are on the mend, the hubs has a sore throat, and i feel less than rad. (probably due to lack of sleep)

tonight? hot date out for ice cream while the hubs talked on the phone to work people all the way there and for another 10 minutes while i sat there. AWESOME.

I'm gonna go curl up with a book in bed and my cold beverage. AHhhhh. while the hubs goes back to work in the office for the rest of the evening.* sigh*

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Jenifer said...

I got to play beatles rock bank tongiht. being a big beatles fan, I had a blast! I just like the slower pace because I'm not very good ;)

SuperCoolMom said...

Isn't that the truth. We make so many judgements about people based on the things they blog, the house they have, the car they one knows the reality unless they live with you.

jayna said...

we need to rock. i LOVE singing and i LOVE the drums.

i'm coming in a couple of months...

Anonymous said...

It was a delightful lunch, wasn't it? Let's do it again soon.


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