Monday, September 14, 2009

Early Detection is Key.

there are times in life when you should be proactive.

everyone has stuff you wanna nip in the bud. like sassy mouth kids. you NIP THAT IN THE BUD!

Poorly behaved toddlers. NIPPED! you don't mess around with the proper training of children.

but what about abnormal bleeding?

or a weird lump somewhere there should be no lumps. NO LUMPS!

what do you do then? ignore it? hope it goes away?

what happened to nipping it in the bud?

the bleeding? do you ignore that?

you know whatever tests coming up associated with that will be embarrassing and generally unpleasant.

but, do you wait and hope it fixes itself ? or do you make a call, get checked and take your health into your own hands?

i know! it's not easy. IT IS NO FUN. it's worrisome.

but what would happen if you waited on it?

how long do you wait?

do you wait until something that could be easily treated early on is now full blown ? what if you wait too long? 'cuz there is a too long sometimes.

do you know what your risk factors are? what about your family history?

even then do you wait to get it checked?

are you dreading , denying , or dismissing something that just isn't quite right?


NIP it in the bud!

early detection is KEY!

yadda yadda yadda. we've all heard it.

and yet, making the call. going in. getting checked, it's inconvenient. it's no fun.


at what point though do you get the kick in the pants to take control? to get checked?

today is the day peeps. if you or a loved one have something abnormal going on.



pinky swear to me that you will.

September is thyroid cancer awareness month.

you know what i think about that good time. you may have even read my story.

I found my own lump on my neck. i knew i had risk factors. i knew my family history related to growths on the thyroid.

I never thought it would be cancer. my dad's was benign, my sisters was too.


at least i was proactive and took care of it while it was cut and dried and easily treated. and now? i'm a freaking survivor. WHEEEE!

I've alluded to future testing. hemmed and hawed about it. and now I'll spell it out.

C.O.L.O.N.O.S.C.O.P.Y (aka pillaged by Butt pirates! feel free to laugh, it's funny.)

I admit this is the last test i was ever going to undergo. I'd always thought I'd rather die than have this test done. I've heard horror stories about the prep. it's joked about. it's highly embarrassing. I 100% dread getting it done.

and yet. there have been some "issues", even still i wanted to dismiss them. wait around. ignore them. chalk it up to something else entirely.

but i have a friend, whose husband has been fighting the good fight, against stage 4 colon cancer with liver mets (that's cancer talk to say it's spread).

my heart aches for this young family.

i don't know what symptoms lead to his diagnosis, or how long he waited or if he waited to get checked.but seriously 30 something and losing the battle? (it had spread before they even found it.)

Well, that was enough of a kick in the pants to go get my shiz (pun totally intended) CHECKED OUT! when something funky starting happening.

as unpleasant as it is and much as i dread going in, i want to see my babies grow up.

maybe it's going to be nothing. but if it is something it will be in the earliest stages.

while i don't think i have family history of this kind of cancer, i have risk factors.

risk factors plus symptoms.

DELIGHTFUL. LUCKY ME! Why can't i have the sudden unexplained weight loss as one of the signs? seriously i would love that. who wouldn't?

so. there we are.

I've been avoiding blogging this. not wanting to share too much, or gross anyone out.

but seriously if it helps one person, my embarrassment admitting it, is worth it.

what are the signs you wonder? go here to check out the fun...


Wanna KNOW THE SIGNS and the facts for Thyroid cancer?

Most thyroid nodules are benign, not thyroid cancer. And
thyroid cancer is usually treatable.

Early detection saves lives. So does prompt treatment plus
lifelong follow-up.

So, find thyroid cancer early.

Signs to discuss with your physician—a lump in your neck,
lymph node swellings, or fullness in your neck. Tell your
doctor if you've had voice changes or difficulty breathing or

Ask for a neck check next time you see your doctor.A neck check takes only a minute.

for more information or support for those dealing with thyroid cancer or want to know more THIS IS THE PLACE Thyca: thyroid cancer survivors' association, Inc.

and hey here's a link to figure out how to check your neck yourself.

and FYI Thyroid cancer is on the rise, they've changed the stats on it, you can see the latest here.


in warning: i may be blogging about this stuff alot until my crap has all been checked out. 'cuz while i'm being proactive i scheduled the test so it was convenient for the big day isn't until October 9th.

i know some people are already tired of hearing about it.

and to you i flip the bird. ;) in the most loving and delightful way.


remember what the Proper response was? now is a great time to use that phrase when you don't know what to say, repeat after me, " Oh my gosh that sucks!"

YO! i'm talking to you, if you have something that doesn't quite add up going on, if you have risk factors, and symptoms, QUIT PIDDLY FARTING AROUND and MAKE THAT APPOINTMENT!

your Dr. isn't going to call you and ask you to come in.

everyone should know their family history, and their risk factors for certain types of cancer. breast cancer gets all the fame and glory but there is stuff out there that needs your attention.

be proactive. i am.

Ok so there is my public service announcement. maybe now i can stop dwelling on it, and get some freaking sleep.

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Carie said...

VERY unfortuantly I have to say that we are all about denial and ignoring situations! I have gotten better about checking things due to my not wanting to burdon anyone with my handful of a child so I kinda cant get sick, but my husband??? Yeah, he probably has cancer or who knows what, and is more then content to just die rather then be checked out. It outrages me!
I can't wait for your post on the actual procedure! That will be a dandy one I'm sure! Good thoughts, BUT not prayers coming your way, not even secret prayers!

Jenn said...

Good luck today I hope you have GREAT time taking care of business! LOL- you have a great sense of humor. I love that about you. I needed this today because I am a denier-- and I tend to put things off too long and just deal with the pain. I know you are right about calling the doctor and taking care of business early and not late, but its hard. Thank you for your words. I appreciate them.

Scrappy Girl said...

That really sucks.

Laura said...

Good for you for facing it head on and these things are so hard to do. Scary, uncomfortable... and necessary!

I am thinking of you :) It does suck. Thanks for the motivation for those waiting, waiting on something that needs to be taken care of.

Hang in there!

Piper said...

DANG GIRLY! That sucks! Good job getting the info out. I LOVE YOU!
Make sure you say, "now I know what they mean by : UP YOURS!" After your exam.
Sucky sucky sucky, but so good you're proactive.

CassiB said...

i'm glad you finally felt inspired. i won't get sick of you posting medical stuff till you get your shiz checked. i like how you linked to symptoms from mayo. sometimes people don't know what symptoms to look for.
this totally sucks for you, but i'm glad you are putting the word out there so that maybe someone will be inspired to get something checked. also a little plus side, i know of people who have shed a few pounds due to the cleansing process before the procedure. if you ask me they must have been full of crap, lol. have a good one and i hope it all comes out ok =)

Taryn said...

OMGosh!! That sucks!

I'm confident everything will be fine in the end. (pun totally intended.)

Eliza said...

Good luck with that, hubby had to go through that and I'm sure he would love me telling you that but oh well! Such a pleasant experience! Have fun, no butts about it! :)

Jenifer said...

Ugh. you go girl! This is a great message. After two months of symptoms, i am finally getting to the dr. Went twice last week, this mornign and then tomorrow. Yeah. two months i've been suffering with horrible pain. Finally gonna nip it in the bud. Even though the test and exams are violating. gonna do it! Good luck with everything!

andrea said...

Oh gosh...that sucks!

I'm loving your humor about should definitely work in the medical field.

And the comment about "up yours"?! I nearly spit drink out my nose!!!! :D

Kayci said...

Good for you!!! I'm so proud! :) Seriously, thank you for sharing!

jayna said...

the test doesn't sound fun, but the potential risks and symptoms involved if you don't do it? they sound even worse.

and just for the record, i really want to tell you that i'm praying for you JUST because you told me not too. but i won't. ha ha.

oh yeah, and..
oh gosh that sucks.


tammy said...

Yeah the test doesn't sound fun, but the alternative is worse. Good for you on getting it done and not messing around with it. You know I'll be sending good vibes.

sherry said...

It's not as bad as it sounds, I think you will be surprised. My dad had colon cancer, and my sister has had the procedure done too. My dad caught it early (one sister forced him to get checked preemptively)had surgery and was fine. (unfortunately he got smooshed by a car a year later and we lost him anyway, but that's another story) My point? It won't be that bad, and you will be glad you did! I'm sure you'll be fine. (did I do that right?;)

Rach =o) said...

I'm a horrible example of this. HATE!! the idea of going to the doctor, worry with signs all the time, think im overreacting. I lost both of my parents to Cancer and to tell the truth, I'm scared Chitless to go get a test done. Thank you for your words and let us know how your craptastic test turns out! Smooches Lady!

Anonymous said...

Oh that sucks! I'll be praying for you julie! ;)


Leslie said...

I hope everything works out ok with that!!

I have had to pick up both my parents from that test...kind of scary watching them come out of it, but kind of funny listening to the gas come out.

Supercool Hotmama said...

Oh my gosh, that sucks. But, I'm sure everything will come out without a wrinkle.

Fawn said...

Ok, I have a sneaky suspicion you are talking to ME! Only because of a guilty conscience on my part. But I am happy to report I did make and keep an appointment and am now just waiting on a referrral to a specialist. So step one complete. Thanks so much for your caring, Julie my friend! It was scary to read the symptoms you attached in your post, and realize I have about 8 of them. But please keep me posted on your "journey" because I really do care, and I will be sending good vibes your way. Good luck with your appointments! And thank you for being my friend.

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