Monday, September 7, 2009

Secret Confessions of the Romantic Variety!

shhhh, i have to confess, i have a secret lover. (promise me you won't tell!?!)

do you want all of the juicy details? I'm just DYING to tell someone.

often, we meet before school, and we spend a few hurried moments together in the car, then we rush to class together.

Oh how i thirst for him, whenever we are apart.

he's never far from my thoughts, his taste lingers on my tongue long after we have parted ways.

then sometimes, we have secret midnight rendezvous , we meet in the moonlight at my favorite location. where we have an agonizingly blissful liaison. just a few precious moments, stolen alone.

i'm often left gasping and tingling with want for more, it's always just SO HOT!

i know! with these illicit affairs and all this carrying on, I could be found out! (gulp)

but i just don't want to live without these quiet meetings, these stolen assignations.

OH OHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I LOVE being together!! i need it ! i WANT IT!

my life would be lackluster without these forbidden moments of certain delight!

whenever we are together, it's always SOOO GOOOD!

together we reach the zenith, I achieve NIRVANA!

I'm so hot for .....


lately i'm panting over your extra large..... ice water with extra ice!

Oooooooh SONIC!




the hubs casually taunted me on the way by my neighborhood sonic. (if we drive by i feel the need to stop if only for an ice water with extra ice) tonight this was the conversation as we drove by, instantly we knew this was blogworthy. if it's only funny to us. it's worth remembering.

So what did you think i was confessing?

spell it out , i like it dumbed down for me. ;)

in your opinion is it improper to lust so completely after..... a beverage?

or to be more specific lust after the soft pellet ice, and the Styrofoam cup.

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Jen said...

LOL you are talking to the woman that is drinking a ice cold dp right now, sadly not from sonic :( that is usually the only beverage I lust after, it is my drug of choice and my coping mechanism and I am okay with that.

Anonymous said...

At first, I thought you might be confessing what we chatted about the other night! LOL, funny post.


Rach =o) said...

My secret crush is on QT. Diet Dp and I feel your pain and longing when you have to go without your secret love for too long.....sniff

CassiB said...

i figured you were either talking about a beverage or FB. That was fabulous you had me in suspense! it was almost like a daytime soap when they leave at a commercial and some is staring off into the distance and you wonder what will happen. only way better.
PS. i found another absolutely wonderful use for sonic ice because it is the perfect ice! if you use it for homemade ice cream! it's faster and makes a creamier ice cream yum! it's all i use now for ice cream.

Hulk Granny said...

I tell you truthfully, I couldn't love a human child more than I love an ice-cold can of cherry coke zero.

Kayci said...

that was awesome! I think LUST is the perfect word to describe the need for Sonic ice and a beverage. I've found myself lusting after it so bad I'll steal change from my kids' piggy banks just so I don't have to use my debit card and let my husband see how bad my NEED really is!

I want to know: Do you take a Sparkle-tastic cup with you to class?!?!?

andrea said...

Had a feeling you were talking about a beverage.....but, you could take your love to class as well, you don't have to leave it in the car! :)

Melissa said...

If it's wrong then lock me up because I have my own orange slush addiction.

I also lust after my heating pad...I have a very similar post to this on my!

Cara said...

you're too funny!

Amy said...

Hey at least your lover didn't break up and move away like mine did! Oh Sonic, how I miss you!

Supercool Hotmama said...

LOL! I was guessing DP.

Anonymous said...

Hulk Granny said...

What the heck does have to do with anything?

Susan said...

This post is making me thirsty!

LaVonne said...

I like what the other commenter said, "This post is making me thirsty!" Me too :)

My biggest weakness also happens to be diet Cola. Pepsi or Coke, it does not matter.

What a funny post! ;)

Sami said...

I too have been caught in the tangled web of such an affair. I would feel guilty if my husband did not also have similar rendezvouss with his lover of choice.
And from Sonic?! THAT is the definition if Nirvana, if I ever saw it!

Aubrey S. said...

Hershey's Special Dark kisses and coffee generally cheer me up every time. And hugs & kisses from my Mister.

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