Monday, September 7, 2009

Free burrito and JDRF consider yourself informed

Juvenile Diabetes. how bad would that suck? help find a freaking cure.

To raise money for JDRF. So check this out. Go to any Mi Amigos restaurants on Tuesday (tomorrow) and donate to JDRF, and Mi Amigos will give you a free burrito. Donate $1 or purchase a JDRF Sneaker (a little piece of paper in the shape of converse) and you get a free burrito. Simple as that. Bring in your kids--hand them each a dollar, and they can all get a burrito. Actually--you should donate more. Why? Because being a young teenager or little kid and managing your blood sugar--WOULD SUCK! JDRF needs your help to find a cure.

and hey who doesn't love something free, or nearly free?

spread the word! and GO!

I'm thinking i know what we are having for dinner tomorrow.

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CassiB said...

thanks Julie, i'm posting a link on fb. i had gestational diabetes with Maddy and even that 4 months was horrible and there was an end in sight, and i was a grown up and could understand what was going on, and knew the consequences and could manage it myself! i can't imagine being a kid with it or a parent with a child who has juvenile diabetes. every little bit helps!

tammy said...

Thanks! I will post this too. I have a friend who's son deals with this, and my Dad has Type 2.

sandi miller said...

Thanks for posting that, Jules. Being the mom of a type 1 teen, I can tell you first hand that YES IT DOES SUCK! Thanks for helping spread the word!

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