Thursday, September 3, 2009

what were the odds?

sometimes I think, what are the odds? that everything will go the wrong way instead of the right way.

here are just a few awesome examples in the last week of how the odds were stacked against me.

  • what are the odds that someone would come knock on our front door the day the front room window is open and i'm chillin' in my skivvies trying to cool off. sure it was only a 7 year old little girl coming to see if someone could play, but you know she looked through the window. what kid wouldn't? i thought for sure there would be no way someone would come over.
  • what are the odds that it was my math teacher standing across the way from me on the first day, when i got a call, dug my cell phone out of my bra, talk on it and put it back? not that i'm embarrassed by that but i was a tad surprised he was the teacher to begin with. and now he knows where i keep my cell phone.
  • what are the odds that as soon as i start school the hubs gets sent on a business trip? when he's been home consistently. but as soon as i depend on him, well i'm screwed then.
  • what were the odds that the school pictures checks would go through my account the VERY NEXT DAY? and we didn't get paid for 2 more days? yeah well, they did. the one time i count on floating it, thinking it would never go through that fast , it goes through. LAME. and if i have money sitting there all set, it wouldn't go through for a long time. because that's how it works out for me.
ah well, at least it was just a little girl and not a solicitor, or yard guy.
at least the bank covered my lame checks.
at least i had a back up plan if the hubs went out of town.
and at least now i don't have to pretend i don't keep my phone tucked in the side of my bra. everyone knows. he does, you do, guys know, girls know. everybody knows.


the hubs comes home in 4 hours. HALLELUJAH.

i got nothing extra accomplished while he was gone (which i always fantasize i will) but i survived and that's saying something. i only lost it once at bedtime , and once over child care issues combined with school. so that's not too shabby!

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Carie said...

I may do a more in depth comment later, but just had to comment in case I forgot to remind you to never let me borrow or talk on your cell phone, okie dokie! Thanks!

Piper said...

Poor Mamma! today is a new day. My sister keeps her phone there too! And her (jesus jammies) keep it from getting sweaty and ruined!

mom2three said...

Dang..the odds didn't sound that great! But if it makes ya feel any better I keep my cell phone in my bra too because it's just so convenient and my boobs don't accidentally dial! haha!

tammy said...

I'd say the odds were pretty good that all of that would happen : )

jayna said...

don't you love that little thing called murphy's law? i love that you have a bra-cket. i totally keep mine in my bra too! and everyone knows i do because my phone is rectangular and my girls aren't big enough to hide the awkward shape (so i don't put it there in public)

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