Thursday, September 3, 2009

The clothes make the woman-thursday 13.

13 assorted thoughts, opinions, and preferences about clothes.

  1. i don't believe in active wear and i don't own any. perhaps if i were active? probably not.
  2. i don't own lounge wear and i'm not a fan of Pj's in public.
  3. i like to wear dresses. if I'm wearing a dress, i'm not necessarily dressed up , i'm dressed for comfort.
  4. i have 3 pairs of the exact same dark denim trousers. they are FABULOUS.
  5. i prefer a lower neckline on my shirts. v-neck or scoop necked.
  6. i always buy 2 black shirts if i find one i like. and then maybe a colored one or two.
  7. i've recently purchased some blue articles of clothing. I'm branching out of my comfort zone. it's kinda nice.
  8. i think wearing jewelry is a daily thing. not just for special occasions.
  9. i like to layer. jeans, tops, jackets. dresses with a cute little somethin' over the top.
  10. i love shopping for the new season.
  11. i don't like to clean in good clothes, but i don't like to put on crappy clothes. it's a problem.
  12. i'm a fan of coordinating whole ensembles. shoes, dress, jewelry. budget permitting of course. but if you shop right, you can still pull off a put together outfit inexpensively.
  13. i think attitude is everything. if you work it like you can pull it off, others believe you can. fake it til you make it works wonders. if you act uncomfortable, people can tell and you can't pull it off.

* If you are confident you are beautiful.

any fashion or beauty thoughts?

style preferences?


would you consider your fashion persona confident? or cowardly?

NOTE: apparently i was feeling confident during the writing of this post. which isn't always the mood i'm feeling . FYI. I'll take it when i can get it though.

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CassiB said...

my fashion persona is blah. i'm a jeans and t-shirt girl. i don't feel like i can pull it off or fake it so it don't. i feel like people will see through it. although i do get compliments when i dress up so i know i can do it, i just don't do it everyday. i do have crappy clothes that i have run to the grocery store in, it's not an everyday thing, just when i'm feeling extra crappy or my back is out. and when that happens people can usually tell by looking at me to leave me alone.

Scrappy Girl said...

I LOVE COLOR! I think my best colors are yellow, royal blue, baby blue, and hot pink.

I love a great denim skirt.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog! I have been reading it for a while, just have never commented. I saw your list of things about cleaning in good clothes, but not wanting to change into crapy clothes. Totally understand! I found a solution, you get a really ugly house coat type thing and zip it up over your nice clothes. You still have your nice clothes on, but the ugly house coat catches all the spatters and bleach stuff that you don't want on your nice clothes.

I also loved the idea of the school box and decided to make one for my house. My oldest just started kindergarten. Thanks for posting.


sherry said...

I'm kind of conservative. but I kind of like it when my kids aren't. they have their own little sense of style, and it makes me feel proud to see that it actually works. I have been wearing more blue lately too. I got my hair done darker and redder and it makes my blue eyes pop out a little more (usually no one would notice I have blue eyes. Because my eyes are small. And not really noticeable.) SO I have been wanting to wear more blue to bring out this new feature. I may just venture into alittle blue eye makeup....

jayna said...

this was a fun post! i may have to do it on my blog (giving props to you of course)! um, let's see... i actually do own lounge wear. i think this may be the result of being REQUIRED to dress nice 4 out of 7 days of the week at work (casual friday). i love my lounge wear... fun tight yoga pants. although i do have a CREAM velour jacket and pants I love. I spend Christmas in this. i also think blue/turquoise would be an amazing color for you to wear. go for it!! i would consider my fashion persona to be confident. there's not much i won't wear. and i totally agree with you... if you wear and act like you know exactly what is what, you can totally pull it off. :)

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