Saturday, October 3, 2009

adventures and committments

I'm Baaaccckkkkk (be sure to read that with your best Poltergeist Voice)

does anyone really wanna hear the saga?

The long winded tale of determination to tough it out, and ignore the problem, finally succumbing to natural instincts that something really was wrong and wasn't going to go away?

do you wanna hear that?

lemmee know.

the last few days were an adventure for sure.

so i busted out of the hospital yesterday at 10:45 dropped off my prescription for pain meds and hit barro's for lunch on the way home (figuring if i can handle eating that, i can handle anything), hit target for some birthday shopping for liberty's 10th birthday tomorrow, came home and napped.

then I went to bunko. yeah i did. I'm committed to bunko. everyone has suspected it for a long time but when you check out of the hospital at 11 and show up to play at 6:30 that shows true commitment.

Of course i looked good. why wouldn't I ? i had access to a shower, and my own clothes, and my makeup and hair product, of course I'm not going to look like i laid in a hospital bed for 3 days drugged up on the best pain meds ever. I'm going to look as good as i ever do. and i did, maybe even better.

but i might have overdone it a little, I came home around *ahem* midnight and i didn't take any pain meds before i went to bed. the only thing i can say is, i feel "less than" (you know the math sign) . definitely less than fabulous. less than totally recovered. less than awesome. and I'm sure I'll be admitting to someone today that it was less than smart to go and stay late.

ah well, like i wouldn't be achy from laying in a hospital bed for days, not sleeping with my own bed and own pillows? come on. i think everyone ends up feeling "less than" after that.

so i have some more shopping to do today. I'm supposed to take it easy, but keep moving, so a little shopping is perfect, right? darn it i can't drive. that always cramps my style. *GAH* (screams in frustration)

then on my agenda, I have some books to read and a couple naps to take.

I'll be taking it easy, don't worry.

let me know what you think on retelling the adventure...

one long post? or a 3 part saga?

Greater than or less than? how are you feeling??

and since i was met with a little shock over my post hospital appearance, i wonder...

what's your patient style?

IF you have been convalescing, once you go home do you...

A. lay around in hospital attire and bed head?

B. happy medium, PJ's and ponytail hair but no makeup?

C. put on good clothes and makeup and fix your hair ?

why do you do what you do? I've found if you look good you feel good.

well, I hope you have a fab Saturday.

be sure to stay tuned for the saga. (Maybe)

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Tracy said...

B. But that could also be my stay at home get stuff done day. I have been worried about you. Checking in too often. Hope you are better. I vote for 1 long story. It's going to be cold and rainy the next few days, I need a good story to hunker down to.
Be careful and don't over do it.
Glad you ae out.


Leslie said...

B all the way and I would love to hear the whole story!!

Glad your out and take it easy!!

Devri said...

Whole story, glad you made it to your bunko showered! lol

Piper said...

I wanna hear!
I usually just have pj's and a ponytail anyway....

CassiB said...

B definitely. glad your doing better, don't forget your pain meds! ouch! whole story one long post. less than, david is camping since thursday morning i am single mom. i don't like to be single mom, there is a reason i am married! i always think i'll get all this stuff done w/o him as a distraction but then i don't. oh well having fun with the girls, that's what counts right? sorry those answers are all out of order, normally that would bug but today it doesn't.

Nani Udall said...

Totally C. I feel like I have already wasted enough time in the hospital and I'm tired of looking sick. I completely agree that when you try to look better it makes you feel better, and I hate hospitals so much that I don't want any reminder that I was just in one. Anyhow... I would love to here all the gory details any way you choose to divulge them. So happy your home and better too!

andrea said...

B. Of course, I think I choose B for everyday life, not just out of the hospital life! ;)

Of course we want to hear the saga....since you didn't hint a thing about it and then BAM, crazymama is in the hospital! I want to hear/read the story.

Glad you are feeling better, even if it is less than....better to be less than, and not still in the "hotel".

tammy said...


I thought you looked fabulous! It was a good night. Yummy food and fabulous prizes. I'm glad you made it.

sherry said...

I want to hear the saga. You looked fabulous at bunko. I would Not have. I would have come. But probably in my PJ's. that's right. In fact, I have surgery on Wed. and Bunco on Thurs. and I will prolly show up in my PJ's . But I will be showered. There is no excuse to stink...

Susie J said...

Hooray! Your Back. Awesome because I was getting bored of the "My house is so cozy and chic and shabby, etc..." I needed some wit. Thank you. Yes, the story please...3 part or one whole is fine. My hospital style....PJ's, hair in a bun, unbrushed teeth. No makeup for sure. I basically act like the hospital is an extension of me on a lazy Sunday. :)

Becky said...

Glad to hear that you are okay and home now. After being stuck in the hospital for a few days, I would want to get out and go shopping too :)

mom2three said...

Ive been so busy with my move that I have missed many of your recent postings! Holy crap! I am glad to hear you are home and feeling better. I hate hospital beds, I think the beds actually are worse than the reason you are there in the first place.
Super glad you are home though and I hope you get to feeling normal again really really soon!

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