Thursday, October 1, 2009

Crazymama's hospital stay update

This is the "Hubster" with an update

I was able to take an early plane home and was back yesterday right before the kids were out of school. Grandma had a eventful night and was glad for the break. Many Thanks to Grandma.

Crazymamaof6 is still at the hospital, no estimated release date yet. She is loving all the comments and voice mails and hospital visits. Although she wasn't able to hear any of the voice mails until yesterday after I came home and brought her phone charger to her.

This widget will call her cell phone directly. She will love the calls and will answer if she can.

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onehm said...

SO GLAD that you made it home to hold down the fort!!

CRAZYMAMA...ENJOY your mini vacay. Do you need me to deliver some movie fun? I've got a BUNCH of DVD's that would love to come and visit you. :)

Devri said...

Oh Julie, sorry to hear this. This is your favorite time of year, and your wasting away the days in a bed.. Maybe your hubby can bring some fushia halloween decor to your room! That would be rad!

ok I just left you a message.. Holy Crap I am a dork. I got all nervous, why? I am a complete stranger, calling you in the hospital.. just hit my forhead..

take care, don't worry about your children, they will be taken care of by the people who love you!


Laurie M. said...

I was so sad to read that you are in the hospital. I hope that you are surviving with no DP. Get better soon!

Piper said...

Thanks "hubster" for keeping us updated! Truly SUCKY for everyone!
Hope all is well soon!

Becky said...

Glad to hear you made it home, Lance. Hard to be away when the home front comes to a grinding halt.

Julie, at least you didn't have to spend 11 hours crammed in a little car with your kids (on our way to Utah). Think how lousy that was--STRESS. But still, probably better than being in the hospital. I am thinking of you and hope those doctors get you fixed up quick. Maybe if you promise them some sparkletastic mugs they will give you the extra good bedside manner you deserve ;-).

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