Monday, October 5, 2009

Where the heck is my happy meal?

well apparently a shorter version would have been better read. on the adventure.

today my liver biopsy went fine. it was easier and less painful than having a wisdom tooth pulled.

the Versed they gave me didn't do anything, i remember everything about the whole procedure, i was relaxed though so i guess that did it's job, and yet i was relaxed anyway. But, Friday I'm going to tell them to give me extra Versed, i have a feeling i don't want to remember that procedure. AT. ALL.

i did have to have 2 passes into my liver with the needle instead of just the usual one. why? i dunno.

then i had the rare side effect of shoulder pain afterward. did you know that there is a nerve that can be triggered by irritating the liver that causes shoulder pain? yeah only 25% of people have that and lucky me, i'm one of them. It hurt like the devil but is gone now, thank goodness. It only lasted a few hours.

I noticed everyone else there getting tests were so tense and no fun, i don't know what tests they were having but no one was laughing and joking with their nurse and Dr. but me. of course that's kind of how it always is. I'm fun and happy even when facing down a nerve wracking procedure.

I'm on restriction for 24 hours. I'm supposed to lay in bed and do NOTHING. it's to prevent bleeding internally and hemorrhaging.of course, I'm more than willing to follow orders to prevent spending any more time in the hospital.

wanna know something funny about me...
i feel compelled to get my kids a treat every time they have to get shots or go to the dentist to have something done. i usually get them happy meals on the way home. i used to stop at the store and let them get something. and if they had surgery, they always got a new outfit, and a toy for the big day.

which leads into this confession....

I confess that i feel as though i deserve a prize for enduring the procedure happily and nicely.

So, where the heck is my happy meal? and dang it i wanna pick something out for my reward. like a new purse...or an outfit. Halloween decor? furniture? SUNGLASSES?

Hubs, if you are reading this, i expect a treat within the next day or two. ;) especially after FRIDAY!

and it's not so much that i want someone to give me something, it's i want to go buy myself something. it just so happens that after some of my Dr appointments when i was dealing with my cancer crap, i'd hit the store on the way home and buy myself something. a new purse. an accent table. just something to make a cruddy day seem great with a little retail therapy.

i feel some retail therapy coming on.

Well, back to bed i go, I have a trashy novel that was just getting good.

I'll be around on FB and reading comments on my phone.

so leave me some comment love as my treat from you to me.

Do you get treats for your kids if they have an unpleasant procedure done?

do you think you deserve the same when you do too?

how about retail therapy, does it fix what ails ya?

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Lainie said...

Yes, you deserve a Happy Meal - at the least! Wow, what a crappy time you are having right now! I hope things start to get better for you real soon!!

andrea said...

Yep, you deserve more than a Happy Meal. I'd definitely knock out some retail therapy!

CassiB said...

yep we get treats. my mom always got us frosty's, cuz that was right by our dr.'s office. so now we get frosty's or blizzards or whatev.
oh i definitely.
yes i think it does, but then i sometimes have guilt. so i just make sure i get a good deal, then it's fine.
glad to hear the biopsy wasn't so bad. the piracy test won't be that bad either.
have a good night with your book.

jes said...

i believe in treats...they do make not so fun days better.

Leslie said...

You totaly deserve a happy meal!! Maybe with a ton of money inside so you can go shopping!!

Melissa said...

If you lived closer I would so bring you a Happy Meal!

You are such a trooper. Versed doesn't make me forget bummer.

I hope Friday goes well and that soon you will be done with all of the poking and prodding!!

Amy said...

Don't worry, you'll get the hospital bill. Won't that be a treat? ;0)

onehm said...

AMEN on the treats, lady!
You definitely deserve one...or a few!

Holly said...

You DO deserve a prize for all that you've been through! They didn't have a Prize Treasure Chest for adults??

Scrappy Girl said...

I totally buy my kids stuff when they have yucky stuff done! Happy Meals can stop tears very quickly. I totally agree you need a treat...I think that was in my comment yesterday! Ooh...a new purse sounds good!

tammy said...

I went shopping after the dentist last week. I ended up not finding anything I absolutely had to have, so I went back yesterday and remedied that!

Serendipity said...

scrap the happy meal and do some serious retail therapy!!!
You are doing great-I'm no longer on FB but I'll still blog sometimes.

Janeen Romney said...

You definitely deserve a treat! I always take the boys by Sonic or Circle K after a dr. or dental appt.

My Family said...

Katherine had a hell of an experience getting shots yesterday so I stopped by sonic and got her a shake and fries, but she was in to much pain to eat them :(. I like to give them something to look forward to after something not so fun but Katherine said all she really wanted was for me to hold her (it was sooo sad).
When you are able to get up and move around you should go buy yourself something fabulous to wear BEFORE friday and then maybe you can wear it home after all the fun :)

jayna said...

yes, i got a little treat if i had surgery. it definitely helps the situation... takes your mind off of it. but now that i'm grown, i don't have anyone around to do that. :) retail therapy definitely heals what ails me. a couple of years ago i was horrified at how much i could spend and nipped that nasty habit in the bud. but occasionally i will give in and buy a fun new pair of boots or something crazy.

so, this is my treat to you.... i hope you get well enough to take your trash to the store and commandeer yourself a new handbag AND some sunglasses.


crystal said...



I know I say that a lot on your blog, but this one is the new winner.

And yes--retail therapy works wonders. I think a new purse would do wonders for your ch'i on friday.

In fact, you OWE it to YOUR FAMILY to purchase a new purse. Perhaps even a misc accessory to match. They need you in top mental form.

Do it for them.

crystal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
crystal said...

(the above comment was deleted by me; don't you hate it when your comment gets printed twice. Argh.)

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