Tuesday, October 6, 2009

blitching top ten tuesday style.

Top Ten Tuesday!

ten things i personally think, you don't have to agree with me, but i honestly don't care to hear your opinion if you don't agree.

if you do agree shout it through the rooftops! ok really just leave it in the comments but feel free to use all caps.

NOTE: i didn't start out blitching but it ended up that way.
need the definition? of Blitching? go here.

1. I THINK tact is important.

the definition of TACT: Acute sensitivity to what is proper and appropriate in dealing with others, including the ability to speak or act without

“We should be too big to take offense and too noble to give it.”

~Abraham Lincoln

If you think you might be offending someone by saying something , don't say it. seriously your opinion doesn't have to be stated to be your opinion.

2. I think sarcastic humor is the least funny kind. i don't like it. especially when you are really being serious, but play it off as being a joke. doing that is just RUDE. and bitchy. now sarcasm saying something was better than it was like, "Heck yeah, my liver biopsy was freaking awesome", well it's not hurting anyone's feelings. you all know it wasn't great but I'm ok with it enough to joke about it. sarcasm like that is perfectly fine. but using humor to hide a bitchy statement, well i could do without that. and without friends that do that.

3. i think if you don't have anything nice to say you shouldn't say anything at all. I'm VERY opinionated but i don't voice my opinion just to argue, or debate, or make people "think" and especially if it's just my opinion about nothing of consequence . often people say things just voicing their opinion feeling it's their innate right to share their thoughts on the subject, and usually they are generally pretty offensive, tactless people. if someone asks for an opinion sure, share yours but otherwise, keep it to yourself. i tend to keep my distance from people like that. that freely spout off opinions on the given topic knowing that they are offending the people in the conversation, chalking it up to it was the person taking offense's fault and not bearing any fault themselves for dishing out offensive statements. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE .

4. I take things personally. Friendships. family. things people say. things people do.
kinda like in YOU'VE GOT MAIL:
Joe Fox (Tom hanks): it wasn't personal...

Kathleen Kelley (Meg Ryan): What is that supposed to mean? I am so sick of that. All that means is that it wasn't personal to you. But it was personal to me. It's *personal* to a lot of people. And what's so wrong with being personal, anyway? Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal.

5. i think Facebook and some blogs are an arena for people to voice their opinions.(sometimes fanatical opinions) there is definitely a certain climate on each persons wall. whether political or religious or whatever while on some there is very little mention of religion or politics. often i don't agree with someones stance. so i usually don't leave a comment. i think it's unnecessary to state your opinion on someones status if you don't agree. MY thinking is...usually someone will disagree and then there is a whole debate, feelings get hurt and on and on. I think it's kinda retarded. I confess if don't agree with someones status often, i hide them from my feed settings. no hurt feelings of unfriending, but i don't have to see their status. i fully believe people probably have my status hidden also. I'd rather have that then be unfriended. because i take that personally. thinking "what?(gasp) someone doesn't want to be my friend anymore?"

6. I think homework is optional for kids in elementary school. now i also think if a kid is missing out on something for not doing his homework that they should probably do it. but I'm not gonna freak if they don't choose to do it. NOW, if my kid was sick you can pretty much assume they won't be bringing back the missing homework, EVER. it's overwhelming to dump an a-load of busy work on kids because they missed class with the flu and have to make up a load of worksheets. seriously. RETARDED.

7. i think the answer to happiness for me...is retail therapy, a cold beverage, a good pedicure. no disagreements, healthy kids and a weekly hot date.

8. i think it's offensive when people automatically assume certain medical issues are caused by being overweight. and then they say it, TO A FAT GIRL! RUDE! it's rude. if you think so don't say it. that's for a Dr to say! (meaning MY DR) if he/she doesn't believe it's worth saying to me you shouldn't feel like it's your place. it's not. and it's not just fat people that have certain medical issues so that thinking is flawed anyway.

9. i think it's kinda annoying when people only blog about how great their lives are. We just got back from this magical place, OH look how fabulous my new house is....*GAH* it makes me wanna gag. sure blogging about that sometimes is great. but how did you luck out that you don't live in reality at all? and that crap about oh well i don't want _____ reading whatever is really going on. well it's LAME! lame i tell you.
said the blogger who never vacations, and has a shiz-tastic house. if this statement offends you well YOUR blog might be one that i don't read often not because i don't like you but because I'm jealous. yeah it's true. I wish my life was more fairytale ending and less "reality bites". but my blog is a true reflection of what's going on with me. i keep it real. well MOSTLY.

10. i think I'm gonna go take a nap (and maybe some prozac). I'm on one. take this as a warning and don't cross me. I've got my SHIT bad list out and a permanent marker! there will be no erasing ya off . but you can bet if you've done anything listed in the first 9 well you are probably already on it.

I'll leave you with this thought.

“Acts of kindness may soon be forgotten, but the memory of an offense remains.” ~Proverb

I guess this quote kind of goes with #10. rad.

i often ignore things that offend me. and strive to avoid giving offense. especially to my friends.

and yeah i probably just restated the same thing 7 times in different ways. bear with me, I'm still recovering.

but my point of #3 #5 and #8 is know your audience. if they don't agree, or you know you will be offending someone keep your freaking opinion to yourself. the world will not collapse if your don't impart your knowledge or your opinion on something.

EDITOR'S NOTE: on this blog in general or this post specifically, if you don't agree with the opinions and feelings stated here, feel free to just not comment. and if you disagree more often than not, just don't read this blog. no one is holding a gun to your head to read it. so don't.i hereby uninvite you to read my public blog. yeah, i said don't read it. so DON'T! :P PbBBTTT that's me sticking my tongue out at you.

and tonight i have bunko YAY! bunko! whoohoo!

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CassiB said...


CassiB said...

i've been trying to think of something else to say or how to say it. i guess everyone has someone in their life that makes comments with out thinking about it, or even worse "thinking about it". everyone tells me to blow it off, but sometimes that just seems impossible.
YAY bunko!! have fun tonight!

Leslie said...

I agree 100%!!

KayDee said...

I agree.

You have said some things I needed to hear! Thank YOu!

I hope you are feeling better SOON!

tammy said...

Sorry someone offended you.

I am sarcastic a lot. Not to hurt someone, but just because that's the way I am. I love sarcastic humor. But not meaness. I don't like people that offend on purpose, but I know a lot of people accidentally offend, and that's when we have to realize that they really didn't mean to. No one can know everything that's going on in someone else's life, or what may or may not offend them every time.

Like when I was dealing with infertility issues, and someone would complain about their kids in front of me, or wanting more kids when they already had a few, that would be really hard for me. But how could everyone know?

Or when my sister lost her husband, to have someone complain about their husband in front of her was very offensive too.

We just don't always know what the other person is feeling right then.

Anyway, sorry.

andrea said...

I tend to be one of those people who puts my foot in my mouth sometimes....like a complaint or opinion stated and then I realize later what a stupid thing I said. I've also made the mistake of stating an opinion as my facebook status and had it blow up on my profile page because people don't agree with me. So I agree, sometimes I wish people who don't agree with you in that situation would just not comment....just move on people, nothing to see here. Anyway, I'm learning that it's easier most of the time to keep my mouth shut and not say anything....but it bugs me when it's with MY blog or facebook page, and I have to censor myself because my neighbor or liberal cousin is gonna get her panties in a wad. See...here I go again! ;)

I hope you start feeling better.....you are still recovering, from multiple things, with more to come, so people need to be nice to you. If I were closer to you, I'd bring you a treat, but alas, it's just gonna have to be the thought that counts! ;)

PS----wanna know why I don't post pictures of my house on my blog?! Because it is a freaking mess, and I really don't like people that have perfectly clean, organized homes that smell of just baked bread all the time.

Becky said...

I agree about not commenting if you don't agree or have something nice to say. More people in this world need to learn tact.

As for my blog being all good, there are some awful things in my life I wish I could blog about, but i don't feel right doing it because there are other people involved who want their privacy kept. My biggest trials in life are poor choices some close family members are making/continue to make. I just don't feel right putting their bad behavior out there--and I don't want to harm my relationships with them any more than they are already. So, if my blogs is one you hardly ever read because it's too nice, please know my life is far from perfect.

My Family said...

I agree with you, however I tend to be someone who always thinks they have offended someone and I NEVER intend to offend anyone EVER, I am not mean or nasty like that BUT sometimes it's hard esp. these days when everyone seems to be so hypersensitive and I catch myself saying something and then thinking "oh my gosh I hope they didn't take that the wrong way" or "I hope I didn't offend them" and I in no way mean too it's just gotten so hard to know what to say these days. This is kind of a tough subject, you just never know what someone is truly thinking at that moment, could be a good moment or a bad moment.
I hope you start to feel better and everything goes well on Fri.

My Family said...

I wanted to share this qoute with you, it's one of my favorites, and it's something I think of often because I am guilty of taking offense too easily .

"He who takes offense when offense was not intended is a fool, yet he who takes offense when offense is intended is an even greater fool for he has succumbed to the will of his adversary." -Brigham Young

and just know that when someone says something and you took offense, they just won.

mom2three said...

haha love it all! I however sometimes can be sarcasticly retarded...sorry I was born that way!
I love your 7, and 9!! I am so with you on # 9....man I am so with you!

Great post! Hope your feeling better! :)

Nancy Pitney said...

I agree about the perfect lives people try to portray on their blogs. So not real. Who are they trying to fool? That being said, I don't vent on my blog, not because I want people to think my life is perfect, but because I usually vent to my friends on the phone. Once I get it out, I'm done with it!

Tracy said...

AMEN !!!!!
Keep it real, that's why you have so many friends. Ciber and real!!
You rock and hope you are felling well.

Anonymous said...

O-M-G. You know how they say sometimes things become clear when you really need to see them (or something like that)? I really really needed to see this blog. It's an issue that I've been dealing with for some time. I actually deleted a guy on my friends list because he said I was one retarded status update away from being deleted. Also, I realized today that I offended my neighbor somehow because they've made it a point to invite all our mutual friends out to dinner except me. And I have no idea what I did or said to offend them, but I'm pretty sure it was something because I do that without meaning to and now I know I need to work on keeping my mouth shut. So sorry to rant, but I just want to thank you for posting this, and may I please steal some of it to save for future reference? Thanks!!

Jenn Solis Guevarra

crystal said...

Whoaaaaaaa, who got on YOUR bad side, sister??? chuckle, chuckle. Whomever it was...totally deserved rant directed their way!

I laughed so hard at #7! "but how did you luck out that you don't live in reality at all?" HAR! I've thought that same thing a bunch of times on more than a few blogs. (probably my own, to start with...oops)

And just so you know, I've been jealous of your vacation-less, shiztastic life more than once :)

elle said...

I so totally completely agree with the overweight thing. I a slightly different problem, but same vein. When I was pregnant, I had alot of medical complications that are *mostly* caused by being overweight. So people assumed that I was overweight. Well, no, i'm not. So shut it.
Sometimes I hate people...

elle said...

I so totally completely agree with the overweight thing. I a slightly different problem, but same vein. When I was pregnant, I had alot of medical complications that are *mostly* caused by being overweight. So people assumed that I was overweight. Well, no, i'm not. So shut it.
Sometimes I hate people...

Susie said...

Ok...yeah, your back honey. This was a good one and 1-10 AGREED lady! Especially 9. Half the blogs I look at have candles lit, the cleanest houses I have ever seen. perfect stepford children...and i admit, I'm as guilty as the next Blogger. It's time to get and be real. You have inspired me. :)
Glad your feeling back to your feisty self. Keep writing. Your's is my fave read.

Lainie said...

You crack me up!! You aren't afraid to let people know who you really are. I think you're awesome and I'm sorry somebody offended you! I hope everything goes well for you on Friday!

Tammy said...

I couldn't have said it better myself!

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