Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Adventures in Potty Training

I've never been one of those mom's that potty trains early. (or blogs about the adventures, generally)

it's just not my thing, I'd way rather wait until they can hoist their own little booty onto the throne.

and I'd prefer to have them wear a diaper with the standard clean up over dropping a deuce in the character underwear which are FULLY DISPOSABLE after that.

and i don't threaten , or cajole them into going. they have to want it.

apparently I've made it So comfortable for the last couple kids that they NEVER want to potty train. EVER. He's happy to be 3 and a half (Hope was 4) and still wearing pull ups. they are perfectly capable of hoisting themselves onto the potty. they know when they have to go, disappearing and coming back stinky, going as far as needing privacy or being "one with nature" over taking care of business in public.BAH!

it's time. So i bought the cool underwear. spider-man and Diego. still no interest.

he called his manly underroos "Panties" . doing great for a few hours , but no dice.

he peed on the floor of "the drink store" this morning with dad. he told me about it twice. aware of the embarrassment issue.

today is the day.

we are sinking cereal ships. he laughed so much when they floated away from the "stream" that he missed the water entirely.

i keep reminding him to drink his Orange soda so he can go sink some more ships.

he gets an M&M for every attempt.

if he goes # 2 he gets to make cupcakes with me. (you know how he loves to bake!)

this is happening.

imagine, no diaper. last kid. HOLY COW! this is big stuff.

i won't get my hopes up too high. I'm still not fighting it. but if i make it super fun, i have a feeling he'll want it for himself.


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Vidal's Nest said...

Good luck! I can't imagine no kids in diapers! I have two and my girl who turns four next week has started peeing in her panties daily after being totally potty trained. Nice. Maybe I"ll have three in diapers instead of two. One step forward two steps back!

mom2three said...

It will be wonderful to not have any more diapers...I am in the same boat as you right now trying to potty train my 2 year old...I am one of those pushers of the potty...diapers suck!! But my last one is not as easy as the other 2 and refuses to # 2 it on the pot! Fun times here! ;)

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